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hour.jpgYou can set up a blog that can make some side income for you by spending only 1 hour a day. Of course the more time you spend on your blog, the more income it could potentially generate, but 1 hour is perfectly reasonable. Bloggers differ in how many posts they write per day. Some prefer to write one lengthy, detailed posts every few days. Other, including the noob, prefer to write multiple posts of varied length.

1 hour bloggers should probably do 1 lengthy post every few days.

You could spend day 1 on brain storming for ideas. Spend day 2 on researching for you article, And on your third day, third hour. You write your post. An hour a day isn’t bad right? Anyone can do. It will be fun and you can earn some money out of it. It can grow into a site that you can sell even. Wouldn’t it be grand to be able to grow a blog and sell it for a down payment on a new car? And set up another blog and repeat the process. Do this with multiple blogs and now you can even put a down payment on a house.(as long as the house isn’t in New York, or California)

Cashquests dot com sold for $15,000 in less then a year. It used to be a blogspot blog.

Bloggingfingers dot com sold for $6,000 in three months.

I don’t plan on selling bloggernoob, but i wonder how much this blog will be worth in a year.

5 thoughts on “1 hour blogger

  1. Chica

    Interesting thoughts. Never thought blogs were were more then what they were generating, and I certainly didn’t know you could buy a blog. I wouldn’t sell mine at all, my blog is mine, and I would fight for it. lol.

  2. Blogtommy

    Check the value today Noobs…throw it in the vault…and look again in 365…I’m banking on some serious upswing. (well not really banking since I don’t think you’re a trade commodity yet). My take is you’re goin’ places whether you know it or not…LOL


  3. ryan

    Your blog is worth 7000 dollars if we go by the 10 months of earnings rule. However, I think more realisticlly is $3500-$5000, you have some great articles and your CTR to my EntreCard ad was really great. Who knows where you will be in a year if you keep working at it.

  4. the noob Post author

    chica-sometimes it’s good to buy a blog. cause it’s so hard to get a new blog off the ground

    blogtommy-i don’t plan on selling this blog. it’s my first and my baby.

    ryan-thanks for your appraisal ryan.

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