1 Month Anniversary BloggerNoob

catcake.jpgIt’s official. 1 full month of hard work. Linking, networking, posting, thinking, brainstorming, and more posting has paid off. I actually did better then i expected. I didn’t think i would be able to monetize this blog until around the third month.

Along the way i’ve found my own personal approach to this blogging game. I know what works and more importantly i know what is a waste of time.

Forums and networking sites are really valuable to get free advertisements. Its labor intensive but it will get you traffic and thats the bottom line with being a webmaster. These are the first things a beginner blogger should set up.

Commenting on other blogs that discuss similar topics is also a must. It’s important to leave comments that are helpful so people will want to click over to your site. Commenting also lets other bloggers in your niche know more about your site.

Email! Can’t stress this enough. Don’t spam and send random emails to people you don’t know. Email people who have visited your site or other blogger in your niche. You’d be surprised to find how helpful people are. Email friends and family to let them know of your site. Don’t make it sound like a business venture because it will come out sounding like a pyramid scheme. (amway, agloco, herballife, etc.) Let friends know how much fun it is to start a blog for fun. They’d much rather hear something casual as opposed to a sales pitch.

Making regular posts is crucial to growing your blog. You need to have content to be indexed. Articles don’t really have to be long but your blog needs to be updated at least every two days. It increases the chance of RSS subscriptions and ups your rankings.

Make sure your blog has all the webmastering tools in place. Useful plugins and widgets help to simplify your blogging experience. Make sure you have a sitemap installed. Get google analytics on your site. This helps you to get a sense of how to market your website. Sitemap will make sure you are getting updated by various search engines. SeoQuake is a valuable firefox tool bar for any webmaster.

Be Organized. This is usually the first rule of any project. With the web, it becoming the rule becomes more crucial because you are working with hundred of emails, links, and logins. Set up folders, subfolders, and documents of everything. Find your own way but make sure you do have a organized desktop.

What doesn’t work?

Trying to get a top commentator link is not worth your time. Better to spend time posting more articles for your own site.

Don’t pay for anything. If a service or product requires you to pay….click away. In the beginning it’s not worth it to pay tens or even hundreds for a little blog that doesn’t even make 25 cents a month. Ebooks are a complete waste of money and most, if not all of the information contained in the ebooks are available free online anyway. You can pay for services and products later as you get more familar with blogging, but in the beginning avoid paying for anything.

Use targeted ads on your blog. Don’t place every random affiliate link or ad all over your website. First of all it looks ugly, and second people won’t click. It’s better to focus on one or two product or service per post then to just randomly place a dozen banner ads on your header or sidebar. Know your audience. Google adsense is useful but if you run a make money blog, then google adsense or adbrite is not for you. The opportunity cost of putting a PPP link far out weighs the pennies you’ll make with pay per click revenue.

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