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gaming-entrecard.jpgHave a plan to get #1 on google search. It could be anything. It could be for ridiculous keywords like “blog farting” or “kfed is king”. It will help you understand how SEO works, and it will get you in the habit of growing your blog’s search visibility. I am starting to get BloggerNoob higher in google search for “make money blog”. It’s currently at #33. Not bad considering I’ve only just begun. I did a search for “gaming entrecard” on google and found that I’m #1. This could be a valuable asset if entrecard continue to grow. People will start to do searches for “gaming entrecard”. Picking a topic or phrase that is new should get you a nice rank in google. Repeating your keyword in your post and inserting it into your title also helps. I don’t know what is the exact formula that google uses, and probably most SEO expert are clueless too, so it’s up to you to use trial and error with your SEO. I think that’s the best way to learn anything.

Getting #1 on google gives you bragging rights and it gives you something to blog about in one of your posts.(kinda like what I’m doing right now) It kinda gives you some authority on the subject and gives your blog the illusions of credibility. It might be a good marketing trick. #1 on google…This title alone will get some clicks and reads. You read it didn’t you?

3 thoughts on “#1 on google

  1. Jeremy

    Noob..!! Thanks for the tips..It’s been a while i’m trying to put my blog on top of the google search, and you just taught me one!!

    Thanks buddy…

  2. the noob Post author

    internet marketing for mommies-thanks jackie. it feels awesome on top…and i’d like to thank the academy

    jeremy-glad i can be useful. or at least semi useful.

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