2007 Income and Stats Report

scarlett-johansson-blogger.jpg2007 has come to a close and i wanted to recap with an income report for bloggernoob dot com. I started posting on this blog in mid October. So here is my total after 2 and a half months of blogging. This make money blog did way better then i originally expected. I’ve learned a lot in 2007 and kept changing the direction of the blog. I will continue doing what i do and incorporate some new material in 2008. Thanks to all who subscribed and regularly frequent this make money blog.


Smorty– $36.00 + 13 referrals(est. $5 each) $65.00 = $101.00

Payperpost– $343.72 + 38 referrals($15 each) $570.00 = $913.72

Sponsoredreviews– $274.95 + 42 referrals($5 each) $210.00 = $484.95

Blogtoprofit– $25.00 = $25.00

Bloggerwave– $10.00 = $10.00

Blogsvertise– $5.00 = $5.00


Commission Junction– $724.75

PPC/Signup Bonus

Adbrite – $0.32 = $0.32

Widgetbucks– $25.00

Auctionads– $25.00

BloggerNoob Ads

Private ads- $18.00 + $60.00 = $78.00

Total – $2392.74

BloggerNoob stats

Alexa– 128,215 rank

Technorati– 58,325 rank, 111 Aut

RSS Subscribers– 104

Sorry i didn’t post the screenshots. Too lazy to get it all together. You can check my 50 day anniversary post for some screenshots. I’ve gotten paid by payperpost, smorty, blogsvertise, sponsoredreviews, commission junction, and my private ads. Still need to some more payments from them, but they are all legit. Haven’t received anything from the others, and i’m not sure if i will by widgetbucks or auctionads. Damn hard to get signup bonuses. What a joke.

I’m trying to get my alexa down to 5 digits and am running a contest for it. Enter if you want to make some easy money.

22 thoughts on “2007 Income and Stats Report

  1. Clog Money

    Not bad noob, and I think that now you are posting less frequently your blog will actually make more money and taken more seriously. However I notice 10 posts already this month!

  2. the noob Post author

    clog money- i can’t help it. it’s fun to post. you think my blog will ever be taken seriously??? i doubt it. maybe make more money but bloggernoob shall never be taken seriously.

    ryan- imma get u kid…watch!

    julie- yeah S.J. and i go way back. we met on ghostworld. i was an extra and i handed her a blueberry muffin. then started a J. LO and her backup dancer husband type of affair. eventually tho, i had to give her to boot. I basically let her go. i knew her career was starting to sky rocket. u know what they say tho, let it go and if they return…blah blah blah. i’m waiting scarlet darling.

    hugo santos- dude hugo, you can do that. i’m like half retarded…if i can do it. you can do it.

    xtremer- yeah clog said not bad…that bastard. hahaha jk clog.

  3. the noob Post author

    cb- thanks CB. i appreciate it. hopefully i can make sure and i can learn more. Hopefully i can continue to be useful with my posts as time passes.

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  5. Deb

    Way to go! I was so happy to earn $150 with one of my affiliates and $16.50 with another! LOL, I still am and you inspire me that maybe I can work a little harder and earn more. Great blog and I’ll be back!

  6. bloggernoob

    deb- inspire, wow. i’m flattered. domo arigato mr roboto

    ranjith- thank you. hopefully my blog isn’t a complete waste of abundant internet space. most of my posts are useless, but hopefully i write in one or two tolerable ones. 😉

  7. Cajen

    Woah! Nice going noob! Im glad i found this site, ill try and monetize my blog as well. Thanks for your tips, you are an inspiration to bloggers.

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  9. Valentina

    Thanks for posting this info. I just want to let you know that I just check out your site and I find it very interesting and informative. I can’t wait to read lots of your posts.

  10. Pretty

    Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I really feel strongly about it and love learning extra on this topic. If doable, as you acquire expertise, would you thoughts updating your blog with extra info? This can be very helpful for me.

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