Monthly Archives: December 2007

Fun Site valuators

pricetag.jpgI wrote an earlier post about how the famous technorati site valuator is a joke. I firmly believe that it’s hard to properly appraise a website or blog buy only looking at the stats. It has to use a mixture of site income, traffic, and stats. It’s fun to play around with these valuators tho. So here are a few more sites that put a price tag on your blog. They are all better then the famous technorati valuator, where is worth $57,583.08. I WISH! Continue reading

Talk about you

llnoobj.jpgEvery blogger will experience writers block every once in a while. When this happens, you have to either use one of your drafts, or write off topic. Some bloggers frown upon writing off topic. I say, do it! Every blogger does it. Even bloggers that talk shit about blogs that contain irrelevant posts will do this on occasion. It’s like lying…or sinning….everybody does it. “he who cast the first stone…blahblahblah.” Continue reading