Monthly Archives: January 2008

Noob will buy an ad on your blog

buysell.jpgI mentioned briefly in my last post about how i want to flip turn upside down the business of buying and selling ads. BloggerNoob dot com is a make money blog but i’m trying out an experiment. Make money blogs usually sell ads, but i will be giving them away for free. Make money blogs usually buy ads from other bigger make money blogs, but i will buy ads from my readers. If you have an interesting blog and think i should advertise on your blog, link to my make money blog and leave me a comment below to your link and i shall come check out your blog. Continue reading

Make money blogs are boring

bored.jpgThis blogging game gets pretty boring at times. I update this blog cause it’s fun reading comments from other people. It’s also cool putting a few dollars into my pocket. But sometimes, i flat out run out of ideas. There are times where i recycle some of my old posts. I’m sure some of my regular readers have noticed this. Sorry about that. I think this happens with every blog in this make money niche. It’s cause there really isn’t much to it. Continue reading