Monthly Archives: February 2008

What’s your gimmick?

gimmick.jpgIn the modern world, everything is a gimmick. The top 40 music stations are filled with boy bands with a certain gimmick. Brands play with certain gimmicks when pushing a new ad campaign. Blogger blog a certain way because that’s the gimmick. Bloggernoob dot com is a blog about a noob trying to make money online. That’s my gimmick. So i brand my blog with a baby. A Newb. The Noob. Continue reading

Instead of donations

noi.jpgI see a lot of donation buttons on peoples blogs. I’m thinking that most bloggers don’t make much with that option. The ones i’ve conversed with have told me that they usually don’t make anything from people donating. So i was thinking that they should get rid of it. Why put up a donation button when no body in their right mind will donate to your blog. I’ve never donated my hard earned cash to a blogger, and i’m guessing that none of you have either. If i’m going to donate, it’ll be to save the whales or fight polutions, not pay some make money blogger. Honestly, have you ever donated your cash to a blogger? Didn’t think so. Continue reading