Monthly Archives: March 2008

Thank you readers!

thankyou.jpgI know my blog sucks. It’s the truth. But when i measure it against most of the blogs in my niche, i think it’s not bad. So by default, my blog is pretty good. I really appreciate you guys reading my humble blog. Special thanks to my readers who regularly comment on my blog. Thanks guys, for reading my boring posts all the way through, and for being so very supportive. You guys make me feel special. Continue reading

Seek out a blog mentor

mentor.jpgI’ve learned that if you look hard enough, you’ll find helpful bloggers. It took me a while to get bloggernoob off the ground. I didn’t have any friends who blogged, so i was pretty much a loner with this blogging venture. I spent way too many hours learning the most basic blogging tips. When you start your blog, you’ll face many obstacles. You’ll come to a point, where it becomes difficult to continue. When that happens, most bloggers quit blogging. You’ll quit cause it’s a pain in the arse. You’ll quit cause it’s not fun being a noob. Continue reading