Monthly Archives: April 2008

6 Months of Making Money Online

audrey-tautou.jpgCan’t believe it’s been 6 months already. I started this blog towards the end of Oct. Back then, i had no idea what i was doing. I hadn’t made a dime online,(regardless) but i set up a make money online blog. I started learning and started making a few bucks on the side. Now, my blog is six months old. In retrospect, i would have done things a lot differently. Anyway, here’s my income report after six months of blogging. If you want to see how much i made in that last two months, check my last income report. Continue reading

Movie magic

movie.jpgI wanted to write off topic on this glorious Sunday/Monday morning. I just watched “No Country for Old Men.” I’ve been meaning to watch it for some time, but i’ve been busy with things. Anyway, god almighty, what a great friggin movie. The Cohen brothers are cinematic gods. Continue reading