Monthly Archives: May 2008

Interview Mike’s Money Making Mission

mike\'s make money missionI’m still fascinated by people who make money online. I don’t make much, but it still amazes me that i can make a few dollars with this blog. Before i started bloggernoob dot com, there were a few blogs that inspired me to start a make money blog. The person in this interview is one of those bloggers. Mike from Mike’s money making mission runs multiple blogs on free blogging platforms. He won’t state how much exactly, but he makes well over $2000/months from his blogs. A lot of noobs talk about the big guns of this niche. But, in my opinion, i think it’s more helpful to follows bloggers who make realistic amounts. Nobody’s going to be the next chow or ron jeremy, but with hard work, you can set up a blog like bloggernoob, or Mike’s blog. Here’s the interview. Continue reading

Duckeldanny teen money maker

danny make money blogI wanted to review a fellow make money blogger. The Make Money Online Niche is filled with a variety of different types of bloggers. Bloggers of various shapes, size, age, color, and skill level. Today, i wanted to talk about Duckeldannys Money Blog. Duckeldanny dot com is a blog run by an 18 year old blogger from Germany. There are people younger in this niche, but 18 is still pretty young to be making money online. Continue reading