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Hot Female Bloggers Part 2

melissa theuriau makes money online and is a hot female bloggerHappy weekend everybody! I know that i wrote a post about the importance of working overtime, but sometimes it’s good to just chill. Weekend blogging is a great way to grow a new blog. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to make it boring. I write religiously on this blog. My Crappy little “make money online” blog is growing bigger and bigger. I don’t even know if what i write is any good. But, i continue to do it cause it pays for mini holidays and iphones. Anyway, i wanted to do something fun for this weekend post. I know that like 12 of you want me to write Part 3 of my “make $80 a day series.” But let’s leave that for Monday. I wrote a hot female blogger post a while back. It was fun and kind of popular with the search engines. So, i decided to write a sequel post about it. I use a lot of hot celeb photos to draw attention to my posts. But, honestly, we all know that we will never have a chance with these Hollywood gals. Why even bother dreaming about it. It might be better to be realistic and chase a regular girl. So i’ve put together a collection of hot blogging gals. These ladies seems real cool on their blogs, and they are all hot. The kicker is that you might have a 1% chance of dating one of them. They blog, so they might consider dating one of us dorks. Continue reading

Link Building Wiki

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