Monthly Archives: October 2008

make money online with borderline spam

make money online with boyonce spamI don’t do this anymore, but i used to send out emails to bigger websites to advertise on my blog. It actually made me some nice cash. But, after a few weeks of doing this, i noticed that my web site was down. I typed in in the url blog and my blog was gone. I called my web host and they told me that my account was suspended cause of spam. I explained that the emails that i sent were not spam. They told me that it was and gave me a firm warning. Since then, i have not sent a single unsolicited email to anyone. I am still not sure what qualifies as spam, but i know hot to send uninvited message to other people anymore. I think that “make money online” programs are all borderline spam programs. Continue reading

The key to multiple blogging

evangeline lilly has multiple blogs and makes money onlineI’m always talking about setting up multiple blogs. I really do believe that this is a good method for blog monetization. It is something that doesn’t require a lot of skill either. All you need to do is work your butt off. The key to multiple blogging is setting up a lot of junk blogs. Some people call these types of blogs, splogs. (spam blog) But, i beg to differ. These blogs serve a purpose. These blogs also serve as minor blogs to you main blog. In the game of blogging chess, these blogs are your pawns. And every advanced chess player knows how important the pawns are. These blogs are set up to create links and blog farming for PR blogs. You are using these blogs just to help out your main blog in the SERPS. Also, you can make some nice side cash with these junk blogs. And, as long as you set up these blogs right, search engines won’t even notice these sites as splogs. These sites can also be used to launch a real blog that will help you make more money online. Set up a main blog and use it as a cookie cutter to create 5 more blogs similar to that main blog. Continue reading