Monthly Archives: November 2008

Study the sites that you get paid to write about

As a bloggernoob, i am always trying to learn more about making more money with my blog. I try to sponge up all that i can. Most of the money making methods are not that hard to figure out. The basics are pretty much it. Everything else is all about being creative in getting traffic and getting links. If you want to figure out how a web site makes money, then you should study the sites that pay you to write about them. If you do that, you will learn how to make more money with your blog. Continue reading

Part time game developer makes $250,000 with iphone

I wanted to write a little inspiring post for you all. I write about cold hard cash on this blog. I write about making practical sums of money with you blog. My blog is boring and uninspired most of the time. But, i didn’t start out this way. I started this blog because i wanted to start a web site. I read about how other people were hitting it big and i wanted to get in on the action. I was hungry to learn. I look back and feel happy and blessed to have started this blog. Because of this blog, i think i have a better grasp of what i want to do with my life. I know that the web is the future. I want to learn as much as i can about it right now. I think that the seeds have been planted and i just need to set up my monster site.

Getting paid for something that you would do for free is what i consider a dream job. If you love movies, running a popularly movie site would be kickass. Imagine if you were the guy that set up Or if you started When i was a child, i thought that only actors, singers, or professional athletes lived the dream. But now, i think that anyone who really enjoys their job is living the dream. It’s probably safe to assume that most of you hate your day job. If you loved it, you probably wouldn’t have set up your blog. Here is a bit of inspiration for you guys. I wrote a post about the 23 year old blogger who sold his blog for 15 million dollars. That is pretty awesome but here is another one. A banker and parttime game developer created a game for the iphone and made a quarter million dollars. Continue reading