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Share videos and photos and make money online with

The purpose of this blog is to teach young noobies about the online economy. I keep telling you guys that the world wide web is filled with money making opportunities. If you look deep within this blog, you will find a lot of blog posts that cover different ways to monetize your web presence. The big thing right now is social networking. It seems like blogging is a thing of the past. Most people just prefer to connect with people online via social networking sites. My only problem with that is money. Why spend hours upon hours updating your facebook and twitter pages without getting paid. Guys! Your time is money! That’s why i am excited to tell you about This website lets you share videos, photos, and other media content with people online. The kicker tho is that they will pay you to do it.

Let me cover a brief history of this site. started in July of 2006. They started out as a video site but quickly grew into a full fledged social community. The members are hip and active. They now offer 100% ad revenue for members. If you have a Google adsense account, you will make 100% of the revenue generated from the stuff you upload onto flixya. You guys are already doing this for free on other social media sites. Why not get paid to do it. Share videos and photos and make money online!

It’s super easy to get started on flixya. They feature free publishing tools to make the process easy for noobies. They have all of the social networking features like messaging and etc. The Google adsense integration is easy to setup. You should be up and running in no time. The trick is to upload quality content. This seems to be the case with everything online. If you want to make money online, you need to deliver quality content. Seems logical enough right?

If you guys read my about page, you will see why i started this blog. It all started with a youtube video. I discovered that people were interested in the stupid little videos that i made. I figured that i could set up a simple website and get traffic. I knew that when traffic was generated, money would follow. That’s basically the key. If you get enough hits, views, and clicks, you are sure to make some coin. Don’t just take my word for it. Visit and see for yourself. It’s fast and easy and won’t cost you a cent. Noob out!