23 yr old blogger sells blog for $15 million

scarlett johansson makes $15 million onlineI read about this about a week ago and wanted to report on this but i’ve been kinda busy. At any rate, i wasn’t surprised at the purchase price of a blog for $15 million(blogs can turn into big business), but have to admit that i found the story to be interesting. Johns Wu, a 23 year old blogger from bankoholic sold his banking blog for $15,000,000 to bankrate. The blog was set up in July of 2006. I checked out the blog and didn’t find anything special. I guess that the site ranks well for credit card and interest rate terms in search engines. Wanted to write this up to inspire you guys to dream big. Making money with you blog is something that is real. 99.999% chance that you won’t reach this level or get this lucky, but you can still make a few dimes with you blog.

$15,000,000 is a lot of money. This type of cash could buy some nice real estate. Even tho it is unlikely that you will make 15 mil with you blog. Imagine making 10% of that. $1.5 million is still awesome. Let’s say that you manage to sell your blog for 1% of bankoholic. You can still do a lot with $150,000. Take it further with .1% at $15,000. Now were are starting to get realistic. You see my point? Even if you manage to grow a blog and sell for .01% of Johns blog, you are left with 15 hundred dollars. This is something that all of us can do.

I hope that you guys were amazed by the sale of this blog. Also hope that you guys are jealous and inspired at the same time. Do something about it and make some money online with you blog.

26 thoughts on “23 yr old blogger sells blog for $15 million

  1. Barbara Baker

    That’s just insane!!!! What I wouldn’t give to have some stroke of luck like this to come my way (although I’m sure there was quite a bit of work involved/ I know…)

    It’s just, well, it’s insane, that’s all I can say about that as I’m picking my lips up off the floor) LOL
    Congrats to him!!!

  2. Jeremy Day

    Hi Seung,

    Great stuff one here. Love how you capitalized on your youtube videos. And love all the hot babes posted on your site. Totally unrelated to what you are writing about, but nice eye candy. Keep up the good work!


  3. Trent Brownrigg

    Yeah I saw this a couple weeks ago too. It’s simply amazing! I sure do wish I would have been the one to start that blog. I’ll sell any of my blogs for much cheaper if anyone is interested!? 😉

  4. Mike Huang

    It pretty much depends on the domain name that you get. The search engine traffic doesn’t matter as much since I would say that bankoholic probably ranked good on longer terms. The popular ones are long taken by bigger sites.


  5. sedat

    really this buying mean for me : taking a high risk on this economical meltdown crisses time. all finance system fall dawn over the world.

  6. Ryan

    WOW That is a lot of money! Psh I’ll be there someday lol watch! Good post though thanks for the news :) I enjoyed reading it. And yes I am very much so jealous and not very inspired haha

  7. coolproducts

    That is like achieving a “New American Dream”. Awesome story, what I wouldn’t give to have that stroke of luck. Then again who wouldn’t give anything for that!

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  10. sc

    i am completely jealous of the little runt! congrats to him? is this a bad guess, but are most of his articles not even written by him? if that is the case, then i am very hopeful copying some degree of his success will be easier than imagine. there seems to be plenty of saps in the banking biz these days, who knew? and with that 700 billion dollars they got to squander, no reason some of that cant go my way….

  11. sc

    oops, i meant to say “congrats to him”!
    any change you can put a edit option in the comments section? i know wp must have a editing module, doesnt it?

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  13. homebrew games

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