4 days left $100 challenge

toiletbill.JPGI didn’t get any posting gigs yesterday. But luckily i signed up with Widgetbucks and got me $25 in bonus money. Free money is always the best money. Actually more money is better even better then free money. Today i got two PPP gigs and made $11 from that. No new jobs for me at Smorty right now. Still waiting for approval for my bids over at SponsoredReviews.

So far i was only able to really try the first day i started this challenge. I had difficulty because i set out to do this right before Thanksgiving. Its ok cause i have 4 days to give it my all. I think i have a shot at reaching my goal cause i’m starting to get some passive income.

Right now the three sites i use for paid posting are all pretty good. Let me list the pros and cons of each.

Payperpost– a lot of posting gigs as long as you log in everyday. $20 post to start just for signing up. Sign up here.

Smorty– Smaller then PPP so you don’t get a negative mark by google. Nice clean user interface.

Sponsoredreviews– Fast Payment via paypal. Got paid in 48 hours of my posting.

Payperpost- slow payment. Will have to wait and see when i’ll get paid. PPP website is slow. Posts get rejected sometimes. You have to resubmit. Not a big issue but its annoying.

Smorty- slow payment. like payperpost i will have to wait and see. not that many job offers. first sign up gig only pays $6 as opposed to the $20 you get with PPP.

Sponsoredreviews- they take a large chunk as commission. If post is $10, they take $3.50 of it. Only get paid $6.50. slow bid response.

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