5 days left for my $100 challenge

benji.jpgI knew it was going to be difficult but it’s even harder then i expected. The Noob started off rockin and rollin. Had over $80 made with 8 hours left in day one of the challenge. But had to stop cause of thanksgiving preps. After a couple days of eating and drinking im ready to give it my all. I made around 15 dollars yesterday and 10 dollars today. Nothing close to day one. I will start fresh and determined this coming week. Stay tuned.

11 thoughts on “5 days left for my $100 challenge

  1. the noob Post author

    mobilenotaryreview- if you work on it. you’ll be able to make 100/month easy. i can almost guarantee it.

    mrpinoy- as long as you don’t quit in the first two-three months, you’ll make money.

  2. Abdalla Ahmed

    Its great to see newbies making money online from the get go! The thing is when your new, you seem to think you need high amounts of traffic, credibility and Pagerank where all you need is brains and guts. Traffic helps but really, the extra is just a bonus. It took roughly 2.5 months for me to generate a substantial income with my technology weblog but that was because I did not dare try and test techniques such as keyword sniping.

    My advice to beginners would be to be brave and smart, only then can they really make money from their blogs like our man the noob himself- well done.

    P.S, I wonder if I should reveal my income from my blog… 😈

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