50 hits to 600 hits in a month.

both_sansrobes_72.jpgThis is Brothernoob filling in for Bloggernoob. If you thought this blog can’t get any more “noob”……think again! I thought it was funny when my brother told me he had a blog….because EVERYONE has a blog about ANYTHING…like “I went to McDonalds” and there is like one comment….”quarter powders taste good”…but after seeing my brother’s blog and seeing his income from this single blog I was convinced it was possible to make money online. So I started my own blog. However mine was not a “make money blog” but more of a “personal blog.” I wrote about anything and everything with a touch of humor. I joined blogcatalog and mybloglog to promote my site. My hits went from 0 to 20 hits a day. However after joining entrecard, my hits went from 20 to 50. My Alexa ranking which was at 2.9 million started to drop dramatically. By using just those three sites alone to promote my blog I hovered around 50 to 70 hits a day after the first month. However no matter what I could not get to the 100 mark. Also writing everyday was difficult and my content started to suffer! Once in a while I would write an interesting post but 6 out of the 7 posts were pure crap. I needed to make my blog more personal! Then the greatest idea hit me like a lighting blot! Bloggers love to “show off.” Whether it is to show off how much money they make online or how hot they look or how great their life is. So I was going to transform my blog into a cat blog…Why a cat blog? Well most bloggers are female and female cat owners are…..crazy about their cats. They make websites that are devoted to the cuteness of their cat. Some even blog as if they were the cat! So my idea was to make a website that allowed them to “show off” their cat by doing a cat tournament. I went on blogcatalong, mybloglong, and entrecard and asked for pictures of their cats for my cat tournament contest where the winner will get 30 bucks. I only was able to get 16 cat pictures. So when the tournament started I started to get hits immediately. The first round gave me a record 250 hits per day! I guess each cat owner told some of their friends to come to my site and vote for their cat. After round one was over and eight cats moved on to round two, I figured my hit count would drop because the ones that got eliminated would not come back. However in round two my hit count increased to 300 hits! How did that happen? I do not know for sure but the only explanation is that the cat owners that made it to round two called even more friends because they were one step closer to winning. The eliminated cat owners returned because they wanted to see who would win. After the tournament ended, I topped off at 350 hits! It cost me 30 dollars but it was well worth it. Also during the tournament I had cat owners wanting to join the NEXT tournament. I was able to get 32 cat pictures and after that tournament was over I topped off at 600 hits!! I was on fire! Nothing could stop me now……however I made a HUGE mistake! I went away from what worked and got too creative. For the third tournament I asked people to vote for their LEAST favorite cat….what was I thinking! The cat bloggers had a rebellion, claiming that there was too much negative energy. My blog took a BIG hit. I am now back to square one (50-70 hits). However I learned that this method works! It doesn’t have to be cats. It could be ANYTHING! Best looking person, best car, best dog, etc. 16 entries got me 350 hits, 32 entries got me 600 hits, how much would 64 have brought? As long as you make it personal and a competition…they WILL come back! 0 to 600 hits in 2 months. Since the two tournaments lasted about a month….in reality I went from 50 hits to 600 in a month. A 2.9 million Alexa to 225,393. Not bad….for a noob. www.wozog.com

14 thoughts on “50 hits to 600 hits in a month.

  1. Wendy

    For a Noob’s brother you did a pretty good job of writing.
    Would have been nicer if it would have had paragraphs though. My poor old eyes had a hard time reading all that.

    I commend you for your contest. Now I have to dream up one that will actually work for my site.

    Any suggestions? After you have a look that is.

  2. Jared Stenzel

    Now is this big noob or little noob? It would be very interesting, I guess pending the real noobs opinion, if you would tell us a bit more about your sites. Things like well this. Stats, earnings, anything of the sort. This is a make money blog, and it has thus far come from one blogger’s experiences. I’d be curious to know more about how you’ve come along since you’ve started and many more things like that. Good luck, I’ll probably be seeing all of your articles.

  3. Chica

    I think I’ve been by your blog…neato. I love cats.

    Oh and nice post, you can’t quite top the “Noob” but your doing a fine job. 😉

  4. Mel Avila Alarilla

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  5. Melissa

    Birth order is important here…you sound like the older brother, but I have been known to be wrong before. Do you still have the blog? I hate cats, could you do dogs next time? :)

  6. 2ThePoint

    Hey BrotherNoob!

    Welcome and great post! Just insert a couple of paragraphs (as previously mentioned) and it’ll be perfect.

    And well done on the Wozog site! I’m checking it out now.

    Looking forward to your next post. :-)

    take care…

  7. Jay

    So I guess you’re the cat promoter on these forums lol…

    But hey, you guys should join my most recent “Get Traffic” contest if you want to increase your visitors by potentially more than 310,000 visitors! Seriously, check out my most recent post!


  8. John

    Great writeup on how to get started with gaining traffic to your site.

    Congrads too on the improvements, those are impressive!

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