500 days and still making money online

Hello newbies! My blog is officially 500 days old. It’s been 17 months since i launched this cheesy blog. (Blog was set up in July 07, but didn’t start working on it till late Oct 07) I haven’t been updating this blog recently. The reason is because i don’t need to. But, i plan on doing some restructuring on this little blog. I plan to do some organizing. Anywho, i wanted to share with you guys my income report. It doesn’t look like much, but this blog is a money maker. This make money online blog has paid for a lot of my tech toys. (I recently bought the Nintendo DSi and a macbook before that. When the next iphone comes out, bloggernoob.com will pay for that as well.) This blog has even paid the rent on several occasions. Word of advice for noobies who are trying to enter this niche. Don’t! It’s is much better to set up a blog that is more fun to update. You can make just as much or more money with a blog about cats. Set up a blog like you would start a new hobby. Write about things and post pictures of things that you enjoy doing even if you didn’t get paid to do it. As far as SEO and internet marketing, you can do the painstaking task of building anchored text links from blogs that you actually enjoy reading. Anyway, some of you might be interested in how much i made here at bloggernoob.com.

This income report shows the total amount bloggernoob.com has made in the last 500 days. If you want to see how much i made in the last five months, minus the total from my last income report with today’s total.

Affiliates– For me personally, i think that affiliate marketing is the most profitable. I didn’t know how to drive clicks with this blog in the beginning, but a continued to experiment. I even invested funds for link building and SEO for some of my web pages. I also average a lot in commission with my collection of other web sites. Niche specific deal web sites seem to do well. It also helps to study the market and push a new product before it become flooded by other “make money online” types.

Commission Junction– $12,077.50

LinkShare– $6,625.00

RevResponse– $650.00

Marketleverage– $570.00

PepperJamNetwork– $275.00

Paid Plugs– This market is crapping out. This type of income is only good for noobies. But, as your blog matures, you really need to jump on pay per click or affiliate commissions.

Reviewme– $1209.50

Buyblogreviews– $40.00

Linkworth– $35.00

Socialspark– $328.49

Loudlaunch– $2136.41

Bloggingads– $180.00

Blogitive– $50.00

Payperpost– $5512.37 + 223 referrals($15 each) $3345.00 = $8857.37

Smorty– $1251.96 + 66 referrals($5 each) $330 = $1581.96

Sponsoredreviews– $5780.47 + 147 blog referrals($10 each) $1470 + 10 advertiser referrals($25 each) $250 = $7500.47

Blogtoprofit– $45.00

Bloggerwave– $166.00

blogsvertise– $332.00

Money4blogs– $35.00

PPC/Signup Bonus/referrals/misc Starting to slowly learn the ins and outs of this. I got kicked out of google adsense back when i first started this blog. They allegedly said that i was involved in click fraud. Anyway, there are alternatives to google. Google is the best and biggest ad network, but if you want an alternative, go with the following. Or, if you got banned by google like me, go with these.

Adbrite– $341.95

Kontera– $375.00

Misc– $416.87

Project Wonderful– $49.45

– $75.00

BloggerNoob Ads– This type of income isn’t really consistent on this blog. Some months will be really strong, and others not so strong. I sold two ad spots the other day for $150. It’s a nice surprise when i get an email stating that X advertiser bought an ad on bloggernoob dot com. Woke up that morning and made a buck fifty without doing anything.

Private ads– 18 + 60 + 35 + 225 + 40 + 275 + 520 + 365 + 775 + 565 + 615 + 410 + 1725 = $5928.00

TOTAL- $49,880.95

I just missed the 50k mark on my 500th day of blogging. I want you guys to note the increase of my affiliate commissions. The time that i would have spent on this blog went to my affiliate commission efforts. It has paid off. I took advantage of the Christmas and Valentines day rush. Some of the income on this blogging income report is from my other web sites. I have a lot of my web sites listed on one account for most of my ad networks. I might have co mingled the income somewhere. I also made an additional $44,000 with my collection of websites. I try to reinvest a lot of my web income into other projects. I really do hope to make some serious cash online. I also pay a lot of money in domain renewals and web hosting. This is just a personal experiment. I have hundreds of web sites. But, you can make a pretty penny with like 10 web sites.

I want to finish off this blog post by saying that i ain’t that smart. Seriously, this isn’t a pitch. Even if your brain works slightly better then a really smart monkey’s brain, you will be able to make money online. Most of the big time affiliate marketers and google adsense earners aren’t that smart. They just work hard at building links for search engines. They then maximize the search engine traffic for clicks or sales. Let me tell you about the so called A list make money online bloggers. All of them are idiots. Also, it isn’t a get rich scheme. The make money fast mentality needs to be wiped from your brain. It will take a lot of time and energy to get things rolling.

55 thoughts on “500 days and still making money online

  1. Daily Mezze

    As always BloggerNoob, your posts inspire me to work harder on my blogs. Yes, it’s true. Not all successful online marketers and bloggers are smart. Success is 99% hard work. Wishing you more success in the months ahead and as always, we will be following your posts. keep it up! :-)

  2. agrande

    Thanks for the update Noob,
    I was wondering if you would be willing to share a little about which CJ products you are having good luck with. I would like to move into affiliate marketing but I have not had any sales as yet.
    Thanks for any help you could give.

  3. Curve Bean

    it’s been almost 30 days since i started my blog curvebean.com . i gotta start thinking about affiliate. like agrande said, it will be great to know more about CJ. thanks noob.

  4. Mind

    I always become big fan of bloggernoob.com. You articles always inspiring me. Especially for this. Willing you to share a little about CJ. Thanks Noob

  5. Jared Stenzel

    Makes me realize that I was in the wrong niche and that with my sites deletion I should go back to this one. Nice job noob! I think I’m about $100 of that along with the new $80 you’ll get from my renewing my hosting plan this month.

  6. DK

    Good to see some stats from a blog that is earning real money.Though I agree that this would not be too much, still you are at least earning a good amount.
    On the point that the “make money online” niche is a bit saturated and that there is less scope of earning money, I would differ because I feel there is still scope for earning good money from such blogs. Blogs that used to be informative on making money online are nowadays turning stale and there is no worthy information. But there are readers who are hungry for good content and if you can provide them with good and genuine content, you might be able to succeed. So far as fun is concerned there is quite a bit of fun in this niche as well.

  7. John

    I have just got started blogging.I can see that it is quite possible to do well with it once you get established.Congrats on the results you have achieved.

  8. Chelle

    I’m really impressed by the Commission Junction. I think after 1 year I am still hovering above $60 with them. I just never figured out the whole “put up good banners and get ppl to click/buy stuff” thing with them. Did you use PPC? I better see if you’ve got a few tips on that somewhere here I might have missed :)

    At any rate though I do think with some persistence you will see all the work payoff eventually.

  9. Raints

    Wow man, i’m impressed of your success. Keeps it going. And within one year you have made such a big ammount of money…its, its incredible

  10. Savi

    Well .. I am too busy to read the whole post however i saw nice stats you have there. How much did you spend on you blog total??

  11. Ryan

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  15. Jason

    Hey your doing very well congratulations. I do well also, and am trying to help people do the same. Very inspiring story keep up the good work!

  16. Johnny

    Nice earnings you got there mate. Sad to hear that you got banned from adsense. You could’ve definitely made much more money if you hade some adsense ads up and running.


  17. Lionel Goldhaber

    have been following your blog around three days. really like your posts. btw i’m doing study regarding this topic. do you happen to know any other good sites or forums where I can find out more? thanks in advance.

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