6 Months of Making Money Online

audrey-tautou.jpgCan’t believe it’s been 6 months already. I started this blog towards the end of Oct. Back then, i had no idea what i was doing. I hadn’t made a dime online,(regardless) but i set up a make money online blog. I started learning and started making a few bucks on the side. Now, my blog is six months old. In retrospect, i would have done things a lot differently. Anyway, here’s my income report after six months of blogging. If you want to see how much i made in that last two months, check my last income report.

I’ve been busy the past two months. Some of you already know that i got married. Because of that, i couldn’t spend as much time on my blogs. Now that i’m done, i’ll be posting regularly. I’ll try to put up some quality content. (keyword being try) I might even have some neato tricks up my sleeve. So stay tuned. Anyway, because of my wedding planning, i had to skip last months income report. Good thing, cause i didn’t make much the past two months. If you want to make money with your blog, you really need to update and be on top of things. This income report will show you what happens when you neglect your blog.

Paid Plugs

Payperpost– $1394.21 + 91 referrals($15 each) $1365.00 = $2759.21

Smorty– $42 + 36 referrals($5 each) $180 = $222.00

Sponsoredreviews– $1048.45 + 71 blog referrals($10 each) $710 + 6 advertiser referrals($25 each) $150 = $1908.45

Blogtoprofit- $25.00

Bloggerwave- $10.00

blogsvertise– $5.00

Money4blogs- $35.00


Commission Junction– $1,822.42

PPC/Signup Bonus/referrals

Adbrite– $0.32

Widgetbucks– $25.00

Auctionads– $25.00

Textlinkads- $25.00

BloggerNoob Ads

Private ads- 18 + 60 + 35 + 225 + 40 + 275 = $653.00

TOTAL- $7515.40

30 thoughts on “6 Months of Making Money Online

  1. M7levels

    Hey Noob thanks for sharing this site with me. Now if you can only show me how to do this. Do I have to join every social network out there? lolol I am getting too old for all these discussions, but I write so that’s a good start right?

  2. bloggernoob

    jack- I’ve received a lot of emails about improving CJ commissions. I don’t think there are any real secrets. What i like to do is go for the big commissions. I started by going offline with my sales pitches. I got a bunch of my friends to start blogging. I helped them set up their own blogs. Each hosting sale gets me around 100 bucks in commission. I also try to include affiliate links in some of my more popular posts that have search visibility. You can probably start by getting you friends or family to start blogging. Remember, to always put links to your affiliates. Do this often as your site grows, you’ll start getting random commissions.

    m7levels- i’m actually not a social network type of guy. For the purpose of this blog, i joined blogcatalog and mybloglog, but i’m never on mybloglog. Anyway, the key is to start getting traffic, once you have that, making money will be easy. Set out to start making around $5/day and you work your way up.

  3. Mia

    so happy 4 u.

    how do you help your friends to set up own blogs? is it like domain? Did you help them with the templete as well?

    keep up good work. I’ll come by again.

  4. Jay

    Hey Noob,

    I never asked, but are those earnings STRICTLY from the ads and stuff from your blog? Or do you also have links on other sites? Forums? Affiliated marketing?


  5. bloggernoob

    mia- i help out my friends set up their own hosting. I help them with their domain purchase and selection. I then set up the blogging template and start them off on getting some free hits.

    better communication- thanks. well, i haven’t collected all of my referral payments yet, but yeah. I’ve received over 4k in cash via check or paypal.

    debo hobo- thanks. how much are you making debo? and from which blog? your travel blog?

    jay- these earning are strictly from bloggernoob dot com. I don’t comingle the income from my other blogs/websites. If that’s all i make with all of my websites put together, it would be a damn shame.

  6. Neil


    Well done getting through the first six months online. It’s a hard slog at times isn’t it?

    The list is great (it’s always good to know where your money has gone and is coming from)

    As a way of lifting your popularity try Real Link Finder (realinkfinder.com) which I use occasionally to find other likeminded bloggers.


  7. asithi

    A lot of these sites ask you for your social security number. Do you feel comfortable with supplying this information? Identity fraud??

  8. Neil


    Thought I’d drop by and see how life online is going this evening. I’ve just returned from a days leaflet and ad distribution in Clonakilty for my ‘old fashioned’ MLM business (Clonakilty is in West Cork, Ireland for anyone who doesn’t know). Does anyone out there remember the good old days of traditional network marketing – it’s good for the heart if nothing else and has given me an appetite I haven’t had for at least a month. Feeling fitter by the minute.

    Anyhow,off for a few pints of the black stuff, so will drop by again soon.


  9. Forest Parks

    That is pretty impressive results for 6 months!!!

    I don’t quite make that sort of money yet but I am heading there. My affiliate journey is just starting and although ams till to make sales, I know I can do it… over time.

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  11. HART (1-800-HART)

    Still good stuff, despite your slowdown since wedding.

    I’ve posted my own April stats on my Empire site. I’m in the process of trying to build something up with my @ HART Market series of sites. I’ve started with http://Petcare.HARTmarket.com which is a combination of both CJ and SAS .. but – I haven’t promoted it yet. If I can, I would like to NOT spend money on that. Still figuring out how to make that happen. :(

  12. Chandra Dev

    I never could use cj for any profit. Can you use adwords for cj items and still can make profits. Thanks for inspiring me to go for blogging.

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  15. the noob Post author

    asithi- I think the major sites are safe to give out your social. For US resident, theres that matter of tax. You can start the program before you enter your social, just can’t get paid until u do.

    neil- hmm. not a mlm fan but thanks for the visit. spam?

    forest parks- thanks forest.

    hard- yeah, that damn wedding 😉

    chandra dev- i think u can, but you might need to let your affiliate know that. i know that on some programs, that is not allowed. When in doubt, ask. 😉

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