A few more milestones

alexa1.jpgI just wanted to mention a few more milestones for this blog. This putting posts on this blog around 7 weeks ago and i’ve already seen a lot of progress. It makes me work harder on the blog. Thanks to everyone who subscribed to this blog and who regularly read it. My alexa ranking has been growing rapidly. I still don’t have a 3 month change but my 3 month average is 285,554. My one week average is 82,731 and yesterday my alexa rank was 42,128. Not too shabby for a noob right?

entrecard.jpgI’m also one of the most popular blogs on entrecard. Look, i’m next to the cow, and I’m more popular then tylercruz?

feedburner.jpgMy RSS has reached the 50 mark. Not a great achievement but i’ll take what i can get.

I’m starting to get $20 dollar posting gigs. Very nice.

analytics.jpgI hit the 300 visit mark on google analytics. Muy bien!

makemoneyblog.jpgI’m starting to get more organic search visitors. I’m site # 124 for google search “make money blog”

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