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a-list.jpgThe noob is very anti-paying for stuff. The noob is very cheap and doesn’t like to spend hard earned cash on useless things like A-list advertising. Why pay for something that is so temporary? It’s almost like paying for sex. You get all excited and purchase something that was meaningless and brief. When it’s over, you’ll just be out $450 and feel really cheap and dirty afterwards. So i’ve heard…

Getting a link on so called A-list blogs is great. It’ll get you some hits. But most of those hits won’t mean much. Your bounce rate will be terrible and the kicker, you’ll be out $450. You know that you can get the new 16 gig iphone and pay for the first two months with that cash don’t cha?

Sure you can get some google link juice. But will it really get you $450 worth of link juice? Nope! Paying for A-list blogging buddies will open some doors for you tho. I’ve seen a few bloggers pay for a few reviews and get a guest posting gig on johnchow. This is actually a pretty good marketing strategy. But is it worth it? Being johnchow’s bitch will make you rich? I honestly doubt that.

The biggest reason for not paying A-listers for a review is the simple fact that they want to link to you. Yup. A-list bloggers need content. They have to write something new each and every single day. Those blogs are money making machines and they need to fill up daily updates. My blog isn’t even 4 months old yet, but i’m finding it more difficult to come up with new content. Make money blogging isn’t difficult. All of the secret strategies can be covered in a few posts. And the new marketing or revenue streams don’t spring up on a daily basis. So what is a A-lister to write about on a daily basis? For starters, they write a lot of paid reviews. Most of the posts you see up on johnchow are paid plugs. Meaning, that it’s not good content. Those posts are informercials.

I’m usually trashing on the big guys, so i doublt that i’ll ever get some link love from them. I know johnchow has visited my blog a few times, cause i saw his mug on the mybloglog widget before i kicked it. If i put a few links to their blogs, they’ll come visit my blog. They won’t link to me cause i semi insult them but they’ll come. But i don’t want to waste my link on them. I’d rather link to a small or medium make money blog. Or a nice blog about blogging blog.

How do you get A-list blogs to link to you? First off, you could do so by kissing ass. I’ve seen bloggers make little cartoons with johnchow. If you make a little cartoon and it has johnchow in it, you could email him and he might link to your post with the cartoon. If you guest post, you might get a link for your hard work. If you write a pillar post, you could try sending that post to one of the big boys, and they might mention you. Basically, they, like most make money bloggers are desperate for new content. So if you offer up something new, they might give you a free link. Beats paying $450 don’t it?

14 thoughts on “A-list bloggers want to link to you

  1. Raven

    “It’s almost like paying for sex. You get all excited and purchase something that was meaningless and brief. When it’s over, you’ll just be out $450 and feel really cheap and dirty afterwards. So i’ve heard…”

    ROFL .. Noob, don’t pay attention to those rumors. You only feel dirty before you take a shower, and well the cheap part depends on how much you gave to have said sex, or so I’ve heard. 😉

  2. Ben Barden

    Thanks for the link, noob. :) I certainly wouldn’t pay that kind of money to be featured on a big blog! I would rather focus on writing good quality content and see what happens. Haven’t really looked at guest posting yet, but I may at some point.

  3. Desmond

    Dude, I was just going to write a post about this.

    Anyway, i agreed with you. $400 over to buy some advertising space or review? I rather spend the money on Sony PS3 or save up to get a new laptop.

  4. Funked

    I’d love to see someone pay $400 for a site review and then have their site ripped apart.

    It;s a review. Who says you have to be nice. I might set something up on my blog one day. %100 honest reviews. :)

  5. Allyn Paul

    Noob, you kill me!
    Personally, I’ve had to pay for every woman I’ve ever been with.
    Some like steak dinners, others Vodka and cranberry, and still other come as cheap as a movie and my striking sense of humor.
    Either way, we’re all paying in some form or another.
    How that equates to blogging, I dunno, but it’s Friday and I’m fried!

  6. flamingpoodle

    I managed to get a few hits from the A-list bloggers simply by leaving comments on their blogs.

    For this to be effective, you have to make sure you leave useful comments close to the top. This is why I subscribe to a few RSS feeds from the big guys.

    Fortunately, some of them keep coming back! This is judging by my stats: the amount of time I get hits from the same comments and the amount of time those hits spend on my blog.

    My main blog, The Necro Files has a theme that basically writes itself. There aren’t many blogs like it, so I get quite a bit of traffic.

    My secondary blog, Metablogging Secrets, tries to filter through the rest and get the best in blogging advice, in my own words. Because there are many blogs like it, it doesn’t really get much traffic. However, the feedback and interaction so far has made it worthwhile.

  7. the noob Post author

    raven- ahhh…i see. how about if you sandwich the showers…huh?

    ben- i think you were get guest posting offers. personally, i’m not a fan of guest posting, but i think it can be a good marketing trick. i’m not that good of a writer, so don’t think i would bother even asking, but i think you’re a good writer ben. And i’m sure of the the big boys will let you guest post. if you have time, you might want to look into that.

    desmond- really? i’ve had quite a few bloggers ay that to me. I guess the universe isn’t so big after all. All of the so called original ideas. have aren’t so original. or…maybe, just maybe the stars aligned and our minds were as one. huh?

    funked- yeah that would be refreshing. i’ve seen a few bad reviews on johnchow. it was pretty cool. i think michael kwan…the guy who writes the reviews on johnchow…is a pretty good reviewer.

    allyn- i guess if you count those thing. i’ve paid every time as well. sometimes, it does come out cheaper. maybe i should move to amsterdam or thailand.

    flamingpoodle- i’ve done that as well. i’ve gotten like 20 hits from johnchow a few times. but writing useful comments is hard work. It’s an important part of marketing and networking…but i’d rather leave them on smaller blogs. Even tho i get less hits, i’d rather leave it on a blog where the blogger actually appreciates and reads my useful comment. i guess in this scenario, i’d rather go for quality over quantity.

  8. Kristie

    I sometimes get the feeling, that the only people who will ever make money from blogging are those who write blogs on making money. 😀

    Thanks for adding me as one of your 6000 blog catalogue friends dude. I wish you luck and millions of dollars.

    P.S. My blog is not intended to make money, please, if you visit, excuse the low amount of advertising!

  9. the noob Post author

    kirstie- umm thank you. want a cookie? i’m sure your readers appreciate the low amount of advertising. i’m sorry that i sold my blogging soul. are you the jesus of blogging? maybe you can cleanse my blogging blood so i can enter blogging heaven. :)

    p.s. i’m guessing that you are bitter about my adding you as a friend on BC. thanks for checking my blog out tho.

  10. Kristie

    Ha ha, No I’m not the blogging Jesus – I barely believe in blogging at all. 😀 I blog mainly as a form of procrastination. And I feel inferior when I visit other blogs and they’re all geared up with the latest widgets and whoozlewhatsits and ten million blog buddies and all that.

    And yes I’d like a cookie. 😀

  11. the noob Post author

    kristie- haha. nice. very good attitude. you’re cool. i kinda expected you to come back and lecture me about the ills of selling out with my blog. but you didn’t cookie given!

  12. Debo Hobo

    My sentiments exactlly, they will come running to see what was said about them but unless you kiss ass they will not leave a comment and they definitely won’t link to a blog with out getting paid like a ‘ho’.

    That’s okay one day soon your blog will be so big they’ll come running begging for you to link to them…Karma is a bitch! :)

  13. solacetech

    To do something that’s therapeutic and make money with it is sweet!!! I used to write poetry and song lyrics which was fun,but having your own magazine,online, is truly self-fulfilling…

  14. the noob Post author

    debohobo- yup yup. debo! welcome back. haven’t seen u here for a while. keeping busy i’m sure. you know that you were one of the first commenters on this blog? hopefully karma will make me some money. :)

    solacetech- exactly. i think work is important for people. if you find something you can do that you enjoy, and make money. you got a happy life. song lyrics? poetry? awesome. care to share some?

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