A message of hope for the new blogger

dplant.jpg DeepThoughts by jack nooby. I’ve had this domain name for a few months. I did nothing with it. It was just parked on my hosting default page until about two weeks ago. I still didn’t do much except fiddle around with different wordpress themes and started learning the platform. I think the real start date was like three days ago. Three days ago i really decided to try this blogging thing out. It was hard and i spent alot of hours the past three days getting all the links up and figuring out how i will write each post. Basically developing my strategy, and just not being lazy and getting links up and my website reported to directories and search engines. I also got my feedburner up. Its hard in the beginning to set up these things cause of the lack of motivation. I also set up a digitalpoint account. i should have done this months ago cause i have to wait 4 more days until i can show my website in my signature. Anyway, its been three days and i can see that i am getting some traffic. I also went from 0 readers on my feedburner to 8 yesterday. Right now my number is up to lucky 13. WOOHOO!

I know this is nothing to brag about but im feeling pretty proud of myself right now. I think the blogging game is a marathon….no scratch that….its like gardening. You have to hoe the land then treat the soil then wait. Then you have to pick out what seed you will plant and this takes times to make your garden perfect. Then you have to water. Then you have to wait. You water and wait. (this is where most people give up. if you can move on then you have a chance) this cycle seemingly takes forever but then bam you see a little peck of green. I think im still in the watering and waiting phase but i can’t wait until i see some green. (figuratively and literally)

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