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The Noob is trying to make some pocket money. The Noob will record his journey via this blog. Why did i start blogging? A long long time ago i stumbled onto a video site. You might have heard of it. Youtube. Well i was hooked and i started my own page cause i wanted to make little clips for fun. Mind you, i don’t like doing stuff on the web. Friendster or Myspace Never liked it. But this youtube thing was amazing. It was cool seeing people comment on my stupid little videos. Seriously i don’t think the stuff i made was any good. It was purely for fun. One of my videos got really popular. It got over a million hits. I was shocked. Got me thinking about setting up my own website. Just for fun…like how i started my youtube page. I figure if i can get a million hits on youtube with a silly little video, then i can make a blog and at least get a thousand or so visitors. There you go, thats why i started blogging.

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  1. Dalal Akoury

    AWAREmed Health and Wellness Resource Center offers better healthcare inside out. As we grow older, the natural process of deterioration and degeneration begins to affect us all.


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