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you can always use the embed code from sites like youtube and just copy and paste it to your blog post. if you have original content and you want to house the flash video files too then you should consider adding flv-embed plugin to your wordpress blog. its uses the FLV player developed by Jeroen.

i’ve tried alot of other plugin and just couldn’t get it to work. i figure this is kinda hard for noob bloggers to figure out. first download the plug here. then use a ftp client such as leech Ftp to uploard the whole folder into your plugin folder. the address should be something like this on your file manager-wp-content/plugins. note-put the whole folder in there. there should be 4 files in that folder. now log into your wordpress admin. click on plugins and activate flv-embed.

that part is pretty cut and dry. i figured out how to that and most of you should to with ease. getting the player to work on the post is where i struggled with. its just a matter of directing the flash player to the location of your flv movie file. you should create a folder first called “videos” then you put the flash videos into that file. upload the folder “videos” to the wordpress root folder. the folder should be next to folder “wp-content” and “wp-includes” and “wp-admin” meaning it should be in the folder that houses these three other folders.

how you go into your wordpress admin to write a post. title and post and in the post box type in “flv:/videos/demo.flv 480 368” replace the quotes with [ ]. note-leave out the quotes noob. replace “demo” on that piece of code with your flash video file name and viola you are done amigo. you can tweak the size in that code. 480 is the width and 368 is the height.

if you want include a screenshot of the video file to show then you have to put the jpeg image into the same “videos” folder as the flv clip. it has to be the same name is the flv file. so if your flv file is named “noob” then ur jpeg file should be named “noob” then change the code in plugin editor $flv_useposter = 0; to $flv_useposter = 1;

if you need more help comment me. link to my site and leave your site link. lets me see how you did it.

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