Add Google Analytics to your wordpress blog

Google Analytics plugin.
Unzip the plugin.
Upload the plugin to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
Go to your WordPress blog’s Dashboard > Plugins. A list of both active and inactive plugins displays.
Scroll to the plugin and Activate it. A success message displays.

In another browser window login to Google Analytics at google analytics.
Click on Add Website Profile. A form displays.
Select Add a Profile for a New Domain.
Enter the URL of your site or blog.
Select your country and time zone. Click Finish.
Analytics provides you with a code block – a swatch of HTML – to add to your site’s pages.

Back in your WordPress Dashboard, go to Options > Google Analytics.
The options screen displays with a text field. Paste your Google Analytics Code Block into that text field and click Update Options.

You are done!

To ensure that you have successfully added the Google Analytics Code Block to your Blogger blog, go back to
Next to your blog’s URL it will say either Receiving Data

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