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marleySelling private ad spots is a good way to increase your blog’s income. I’ve recently added a peel away ad spot on my blog. I sold the spot right away. The great thing about a peel ad is that it’s very eye catching. If you don’t already have a peel away ad spot on your blog, i recommend you install it to increase your private ad revenue. Increasing your ad revenue means that you’ll be making more money with you blog.

I found a great plugin for peel away ads. The plugin adds a flash Page Peel Ad to your WP powered blog. It preloads the big image so you won’t get a delay before displaying the image. The page peel script is free and it’s easy to install.

Since most of you guys are noobs, so i’ll walk you through the process. You’ll be sporting your new peel away ads in no time.

1. First download the plugin here.

2. Unzip the folder and make sure you take it out of it’s sub folder. When i first started with the plugins, i had trouble with this. The unzipped folder will have another folder inside it. Take all the files out of that folder. The inside folder is the one you’ll want to FTP to your server.

3. Upload the plugin via FTP Client. If you don’t know what an FTP is, google “FTP”. I use LeechFTP, but you can use any FTP Client. Filezilla is another great one.

4. You will need two images. Small and Big. The file names are “pageear_b.jpg” and “pageear_s.jgp”. The big file is 500×500 pixels. The small file is 100×100 pixels. You can easily edit the images files with image programs like photoshop. Replace these two images in the pageear folder.

5. Login to wordpress admin and click on plugins. Activate the “pageear” plugin. Click on “pageear-config” Add the desired URL and you’re done.

I tried out three different free plugins for the peel away ads. This was the only one that worked in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Johnchow sells his version. Don’t be a fool and buy these type of plugins. You can always find a free version somewhere on the net. Don’t be a sucker!

Leave me a comment if you need help with the install. Noob out!

12 thoughts on “Adding a peel away ad spot

  1. Garg the Unzola

    I go out of my way to avoid sites with peel away ads. I find them annoying.

    I do not believe that anything that covers your content at any point can be good for your blog.

  2. Hugo Santos

    i have dropped the peel away ad. i wasn’t getting any advertisers (you were the only buyer :P) but i still have the option to buy a peel ad on my advertise page..

  3. bloggernoob

    matt- that’s the hard part, you gotta go out and find them matt. they ain’t gonna fall on your lap. 😉

    garg- yeah, i think they’re annoying too, but at least it’s not a popup, kinda like, but not quite. Anyway, i’ve sold out before and i will continue to sell out. it’s like snoop dogs says “it’s all about the cheddar”

    hugo- hmm. sorry to hear that. i just installed it cause i sold it even tho i didn’t ahve that ad space avail. It’s all luck anyhow.

  4. Wendy

    The unzipped folder will have another folder inside it. Take all the files out of that folder.

    Which folder are we suppose to look for??

  5. Wendy

    Get these errors when I try to activate it
    Error, following files are not writeable / Fehler, folgende Dateien koennen nicht geschrieben werden:




    To change config please set file attributes to 666 / Um die Konfiguration zu ?ndern, bitte Zugriffsrechte der Dateien auf 666 setzen.

  6. tom

    Well guys, the peel away ads actually offer a higher conversion rate so you were probably just selling something the wrong work on your marketing efforts.

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