advertise your blog with little or no cash

When you’re starting out in the webmastering business, the most important thing you want to focus on is traffic. The reason is because you can’t monetize a site that doesn’t get any visitors. Its hard to get your name out there amongst millions of other blogs but if you are willing, you will find there are a lot of options. First you can start by joinning forums and web networking communities. DP and sitepoint are the best places to start when you are a noob. For DP, sign up fast cause you won’t be able to do much until you become an offical member, this take around 14 days.

If you already have a myspace, facebook, or youtube account, put a link of you site on it. You’ll get some links from it. You should also join mybloglog and network with other bloggers. Visits other peoples blogs and message them. They will do the same. Be careful not to spam. Nobody wants spam.

The paying options.
Adwords is an obvious choice but for a new blog im not quite convinced that it works out so well. I’ve had 4 different types of campaigns but not much worthwhile traffic.

Textlinkads is good because they offer a great starter package. I put up $125 worth of ads for $25 dollars. Of course if a company is offering such a great discount then its probably not worth paying full price ever. Still its good to use the starter package once.

Use Forums as a paying option. Hold small contests. I sponsors a few small contests where the prize was $5 or a DVD and i’ve had a lot of clicks from that. You’d be surprised what people will do for 5 bucks.

Ways you could make money on the net are far and wide. For marketing your website do a website submission to various directories and search engines. To get more traffic have a link exchange with some other related websites. Sign up with Google’s Adsense. You will earn some money from adsense marketing. When your website has grown and you feel the need of professional help there are loads of internet marketers willing to get you more traffic for a fee.