Affiliate commission and Ad trick

vanessa_hudgens.jpgThe heavy weights of affiliate marketing make most of their commissions off of leads. These commissions are made when someone clicks and signs up for a service. They don’t have to pay anything. They don’t have to buy anything. The higher paying leads usually require credit card entry. Even though they won’t take funds out of your credit card, they want you to sign up for a trial, so that you will forget about ever signing up and get hit with charges after the trial period. This happened to me with a company called Doba years ago. I signed up for their service cause it was free, and after i saw how useless it was, i tried to cancel. But i called at night and their offices were closed. So wrote a little memo to myself and probably lost it the next day. Totally forgot to cancel. And when my credit card bill came, i discovered a 40 dollar charge. I was so angry. But this is how the higher paying leads work. High payouts are possible cause a lot of people forget to cancel. This type of business is big business on the internet.

I kinda went off on a tangent. Anyway, here is a neat little trick. 125×125 pixel ads are pretty useless. Even tho i sell them on bloggernoob, it really isn’t worth it to advertise your blog this way. Plenty of free traffic sources available. Some people buy the ad space and place their affiliate link. This could be a good strategy. But it’s still a hard sell. Cause you’ll need to find a new affiliate link. Too many people do this already. I was thinking that you could do an exchange. For example, go to a no name blogger, and offer to buy a 125×125 ad. Make sure the site gets some traffic. Buy the ad with an agreement. Have the owner of the blog agree to click and sign up for that affiliate. The blogger will be more then willing to sign up cause it doesn’t cost him any money. And, he getting paid for the private ad sale. You can cover the ad purchase with the affiliate commission. The blogger gets paid, you get paid. Good times.

That’s why it’s important to make a network of blogging friends. Make friends with blogger who are of similar level. If you have enough blogging buddies, you could make at least 20 bucks a day with these affiliate leads.

7 thoughts on “Affiliate commission and Ad trick

  1. Crystal

    Ah, so the truth behind affiliate marketing comes out. You know, on the internet, almost everything feels like a money-sucking void that dangles some promises of great riches in pixels and lead you on to go… a bit… further.

    Anyway, this is probably not my place to make but can I offer a genuine suggestion? It would be great if you could connect some of your sentences together with a conjunction or turn half of it into subordinate clauses (I know I know, grammar, groan, argh). While you bring up some excellent points and usually hit the nail of the problem on the head, the sentence structure is extremely 1) short 2) choppy. Don’t get me wrong, I love spurt of the moment thought but I also appreciate a flow in language that moves fluidly from sentence to sentence.

    Now you may denounce me for being completely off-topic and possibly hypocritical =D

  2. Jared Stenzel

    Me like. You can bet I’ll be trying this out once I get a chance. Is this effective for you, or not worth your time? What affiliate program would you suggest is easy enough to sign up for, yet pays more than you’ll spend on the ad? ($10 per easy signup or more is what I’d like)

  3. the noob Post author

    crystal- yup, another day another scam. pixels, wikipages, ebooks, reverse funnel cake systems. all the same. the money widget is the latest installment. Regarding your suggestion. it’s noted but i don’t think i’ll change. too hard. i don’t talk english good. 😉 thanks for the suggestion tho. :)

    jared- i’ve tried it out and it worked on a few of my other blogs. not a lot of money, but like 20 bucks here and there. i need to build up my blogging network. the more bloggers in my inner circle, the better. :) still waiting on the affiliate check tho.

  4. the noob Post author

    jared- the affiliate still like cj the best. probably cause they have the most affiliates, and it’s the one i’m most comfortable with. i heard neverblue is strict at times. i’ve heard bloggers who got banned. join them all and see which ones you like.

  5. Chris

    Well, just stumbled across the site doing a search in Google. So let me see if I have this right; you sell 125 x 125 ads BUT in the same breath admit they’re pretty useless? WoW. Your ethics are outstanding! Are you a politician?

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