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affiliate tipsI came across a site called affiliatetips dot com the other day. Recently, i’ve been laggy with my affiliate commissions. I didn’t have the energy to try to get it back into shape. So i’ve been focusing more on private ad sales. I know that money made via affiliate programs are the best. But, i’ve been too busy to figure out different ways of optimizing my affiliate performance. Good thing i found affiliate tips dot com. They have a lot of information on their site. The site helps you filter out all the programs that don’t fit with your website. You can read reviews and see ratings of all the affiliate programs. When you broswer their website, you will learn a lot of cool tips to cash in with your affiliate links. Affiliate Tips dot com has a lot of tools to make it easier as an affiliate. You can save time and stress by using some of their tools. You will be a more organized affiliate.

If you want to be up to date on all thats going on in the affiliate world, you should sign up for their newsletter. Their affiliate spreadsheets make things easier for any webmaster. The site lists catagories of all the different types of affiliate opportunities. You can pick and choose the different programs. You can also compare the ones that are popular.

I mentioned before that niche websites are the way to go with regards to affliate income. Picking out the specific affiliate programs can be time consuming. If you go to affiliate tips dot com, you can just click on one of their sidebar links of the different niche catagories. It’s easy to find affiliate programs when you know where to look.

Certain niches have higher paying affiliate programs. If you want to set up a site that targets these affiliates, you should research the different commissions. Credit card, web hosting, and education affiliate programs are usually have the highest commissions. Find more info about affiliate marketing at affiliatetips dot com.

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  1. Chris

    Thanks for all your help and your brother as well. Can you help me arrange my blogs into chapters? I want a list of the parts of my book on the tool bar possibly so people can click on the titles instead of having to scroll down the blogs. What do you think of the website Do you think it is helpful? I like all the helpful tips on your site. Keep it up.

  2. XingXang

    I have been researching your site for the past 3 days and have found it most interesting and helpful. I too am trying to make a little money blogging but I must admit I’m still at a loss. I’ve got the site up and got my Adsense account but what to do next? I was wondering if you have a moment could you check out my site and maybe offer some expert advice. Thanks again for all the helpful info on your site. Be well.

  3. the noob Post author

    chris- sure i can do that. email me at

    let me know what type of modifications you would like and etc. i think selfpromotion dot com is an good domain. i think it could be a great site. I wanted to talk to you about some of yoru domains. hopefully we can get a good conversation going via email or chat

    xingxang- thanks for researching my site. hang in there, it take time and energy to grow traffic on a blog. and it takes alot of tweaking to monetize the traffic received on the blog. i checked out your blog. it only has one post! can’t make money with just one post. 😉

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