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aggressive.jpgI was talking to my future wife about her facial massage. Since we are getting married in about 2 weeks, she’s getting some spa treatments for her face and body. I personally think it’s a waste of money, but what can i do. I’m starting to realize that she’s going to be wearing the pants in this household. She was ranting about the aggressive sales agents working at the beauty salon.

She’s paying like $150 per treatment and during that time, sales agents from cosmetic supply companies start pitching different products to her. They keep trying to sell different types of creams and gels to her. I was annoyed even hearing about such madness. Why should she pay money to be harrassed by sales people. Aren’t these things supposed to be relaxing?

Aggressive sales techiques are common place in offline businesses. We see a lot of it with useless products such as cosmetics and vitamins. Even diet programs and work out equipment are pushed heavily on to the consumer. You go to the gym with your budddy. He has a free guest pass so you figure why not? Right when you walk into, a leech of a sales agent latches on to you and doesn’t let go. Pushing different gym packages to you. It’s all very annoying. But you know what….IT WORKS!

Take aggressive sales practices and implement them onto you websites. I have over 50 websites that i maintain. Some of them, i use aggressive sales practices. For example, i have a few porn sites. On one, i use pop ups such. It’s annoying for the visitor, but it out performs my free non pop up pages. So if you looking to make money, it’s better to use these frowned upon tactics.

Trap visitors by making it hard to get out of yoursite. Offer last min deals or discounts when they try to click away from your site. Don’t do this with your main site or blog. Only try these with landing pages or sites that you are experimenting with. You don’t want to end up annoying the loyal readers of your main blog.

Aggressive tactics work best on certain niches. Products or programs that cater to the superstitious or uneducated work best. The less web savvy the visitor is…the more success you’ll have. Don’t dare use these tactic on sites that other webmaster visit. I wouldn’t ever think about doing it on bloggernoob, cause i know that most of my readers are other bloggers. Doesn’t work that way. Same reason i avoid adsense on this blog. Tech savvy individual don’t click on ads. Same reason why no one reads my paid plugs. My readers can spot an ad a mile away. My readers are a lot smarter then readers of johnchow. His blog is all about sponsored posts. The only original post he writes are restaurant reviews.

Making money online is about selling. The guys that sell ebooks and useless programs make money cause they sell well. These products or programs are useless but if it sells, theres money to be made. Think of the “pet rock.” Stupid idea…but genius cause it’s so stupid. You have to always remember that people will pay for anything. Doesn’t matter if the product is good or not. Just market it right and be the first to do it, and you can make some nice cash. Oh yeah….Be Aggressive!

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  1. the noob Post author

    heidi- yeah, can’t talk about christ to jews or muslim. can’t sell forks to the chinese. it’s about recognizing client needs.

    jared- from what i can tell, they don’t get that much attention. they get search views tho. but my regular readers know how to avoid them. my regular readers are smart. :)

    mel- welcome. thanks for visitng

    funked- haha. great question. my porn sites are free. i tried a pay site, but didn’t work out. so i switched it to the internet model…free free free.

    bcarter- he better not be. i just gave him some porn info. :)

    jason- lol at all the comments. thats why i blog…not just for the money….for the comments that make me lol :)

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