Alexa contest/bet update

contest.jpgI posted about my alexa contest at the end of December. I didn’t expect a lot of people to enter, but i was still disappointed at the turn out. It looks like only 5 people have entered. Most of you have bet against me so if alexa doesn’t update by the 11th or i don’t get in the 5 digit mark, one of you will be $100 richer. Looks like 20% chance of winning for those of you who entered. Very good odds i must say.

If you haven’t entered, you should do so now. The details are listed there on the link of this make money blog. We shall see if the noob can reach his goal. Anyway…just wanted to remind everyone of this. Remember, you have to include the link to the post in my comments section. If you don’t do this, you will not be entered into the contest. Thanks.

Remember, i will hold many more contests and random giveaways this year, so you might want to subscribe to my RSS and get a heads up on the other noobs.

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