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make money online with keri russel with this complete guide to web forumsBloggernoob dot com grew using the free method of marketing. I started this blog because i wanted to make a few bucks for tech toys and mini holidays. I’ve already achieved this goal and still have money in the bank. My trick was that i used a lot of free advertising. One of the best ways to promote a website is via internet forums. These are all free and if you become an active member, you will benefit greatly. Meaning, it will help you make money online. I’ve compiled a list of the web forums that you will find to be useful. I am an active member in these forums, and i’ve learned a great deal by being a member. Don’t just signup and not be active. Ask questions and give your 2 cents. Here’s my almost complete guide to web forums.

Digitalpoint– The biggest webmaster forum there is. It’s filled with a lot of noobies, but you’ll still learn a lot about webmastering here. You need to sign up and post a few website reviews when u start out before you can really make use of this site. But trust me, it’s totally worth it. This is where a lot of deals happen. Digitalpoint will get you your first patch of private ad sales.

Sitepoint– Sitepoint has a great marketplace for buying and selling web related stuff. You can buy websites, domains, and links. The forums aren’t as great as digitalpoint, but still very informative. I mostly use sitepoint for the marketplace, but i’ve posted a few threads there. I’ve gotten one of my threads featured on the first pace of sitepoint, and it got me a lot of traffic. That led to a few solid contacts in my niche and built up my blog’s reputation.

Blogcatalog– This site is more a social networking site for blogging then a webmaster forum. But, the members are all nice and it’d be a waste to not get involved in the discussions at BC. BloggerNoob is an active member at blogcatalog.

Namepros– i recently joined up with this site because of my domain name investments. The community is very tight and the members are totally cool. If you are interested in domaining as a way to make money online, you need to be a member of this forum.

Wickedfire– The bastard son of digitalpoint, this web forum can get a bit intimidating. If you don’t bring you A game, you’ll get trashed so fast, you might consider quiting your nobbie blog. Once u get the hang of it, you’ll find it to be very helpful. Members can be rude and crass, but they know their shit. Start reading the threads before you build up confidence to post your own.

Webhostingtalk– Good for hosting discussions.

V7N– Haven’t used them that much yet, but i plan to. Heard a lot of good things about this forum.

Warriorforum– Still getting to this one.

DNscoop– Another domain related forum.

Webdeveloper– Place for web developers.

Internet– For such a great domain name, doesn’t really have much going on. But, i put it up here cause the domain is so great. Maybe they will build up this site more in the near future.

Webmaster-talk– A good place for webmastering conversations.

Webdesignerforum– Leave it to the Brits for setting up a design related forum. Good place to check out design related info.

I’ve signed up with other webforums, but for the time being, i will only feature these. I will continue to update this post with other forums that i think are helpful for noobie bloggers. It takes a lot of time to build up your reputation on these forums. So i don’t want to overwhelm you with smaller ones that won’t really help out in the beginning. If you want to recommend a web forum, leave me a comment with the web forum that you would like me to add. Get busy marketing and learning on these web forums. It will help you make money online. Noob out!

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  1. SEO for Blogging

    I am mainly on two forums: Digital Point and Webcosmo Forums. Both are really great for learning new stuff and sharing information.

    I have tried V7N as well but for some reason I don’t like the feel of it. Maybe I need to spend some more time there. :)

  2. the noob Post author

    desmond- not always the case, but the biggest usually gets the most action. 😉 so usually the best.

    seo for blogging- i webcosmo ehh. i guess i gotta check them out. 😉

  3. goofblogger

    Darn, I still am a noob. I thought that there were only 3 important forums to follow. I checked out a few of the ones that you have listed and they each have their own style and unique appeal. I love reading the buy/sell sections.

  4. Chelle

    Forums are a good place to get started – and this is a great list – if you have niche blogs make sure you head over to niche related forums too. :) I do pretty good over at mylot & a few real estate ones I do for my real estate marketing blog.

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