Always be suspicious

suspicous.jpgAlways be suspicious with so called money making advice. People who tell you this program will help you make money online are saying it for a reason. A. they are being paid to say it. B. they will get a commission if you click or sign up under them. Or C. they are telling you the unbiased no nonsense truth. It’s rarely C. I’ll tell you right now. Don’t trust me. Why? Cause i’m trying to make money with this blog, thats why!

Making money involves commissions, so naturally most of the advices given by make money bloggers are biased. If a blogger pushes a site, be suspicious about that site. Never trust a make money blogger. Make money bloggers are used car salesmen. Make money bloggers are internet marketers. Make money bloggers would lie to your grandma if they knew it would get them a 6 dollar commission. This includes me. I will sometimes push a site that i don’t believe in to turn a quick buck. It’s important to make your own decisions and not rely too much on secondary sources.

The idiots who hang on every word that Johnchow writes are getting some shaddy advice. I worked briefly at a securities company. Prudential had a lot of big clients and these rich people trusted the brokers whole heartily. I’m currently in real estate development and i deal with a lot of agents. The market is tough so naturally the agents are desperate for some commission dollars. I’ve seen them rush buyers into purchasing houses when they could have adviced the buyer to put in a lower bid. Basically, i’m trying to say that you should never trust someone when it involves money.

Lawyers will cheat you out of your money while looking you in the face. People do that in the business world. With the internet, it becomes that much easier to scam you cause you don’t even have to look the person in the face. Next time you read a post you think will make you rich, be suspicious. When it involves making money online, always be suspicious. Research the site or service for youself. Never take someone’s word for it.

That being said, care to give me $100? It’ll make your penis bigger. I’m kidding. But seriously, if you subscribe to my RSS feed, you will experience penal growth.

16 thoughts on “Always be suspicious

  1. Juha Ylitalo

    Last week I signed up into ad network, where payment is based on sales (so in a sense its affiliate system). When I’ve been going through list of ads that they offer for their publishers, their are all these dilemmas about whether I want to advertise company abc and def, even though I personally prefer to use companies tuv and xyz.
    I guess at the end, we just have to decide, which companies are good enough that you don’t mind about being associated with them and which ones you just have to leave out.

  2. witchypoo

    Hey! I used to sell cars and I was offended by people thinking I was crooked. Now I do psychic stuff and am offended by people who assume I’m a fraud. An honest person CAN work in a field amongst those who don’t behave so honestly.

  3. Bobzilla

    It’s common sense but sometimes it takes someone like yourself Noob in the position your in for folk to actually take that in and believe it.

    You see it everywhere. If someone has a vested interest in something their viewpoint will always be biased in one way or another.

  4. 2ThePoint

    I hear you, Noob, but not everyone with a ‘make money’ blog is dishonest. But I bet you know that anyway, and was trying to push a few buttons.

    As much as you say you’re not to be trusted, I think you’re very luvable with an extremely big….

    …heart :-)

    See ya!

  5. Forest Parks

    Ha ha, thanks for confirming something we all knew :)

    I do paid posts on one of my sites and am looking at increasing this as it’s now my main income source. I try to avoid pushing something I don’t like so will sometimes opt to give neutral opinions.

    However I am looking at getting into affiliate marketing and I realize this needs much more push to get anything back.

    I still trust this site 99% of the time though :).

  6. the noob Post author

    juha- exactly, every blogger has to decide for themselves. read up on stuff but never trust a blogger. :)

    witchypoo- not all are crooks, i think generalization hurt the honest few. im personally am not big on psychic type stuff, but honestly, who knows. i used to not believe in easter medicine but now i kinda do. our views constantly change and there is no such thing as absolute truth. at least not until we die.

    bobzilla- yeah i like to punch some common sense in my posts. surprising how most bloggers don’t realize the obvious

    2thepoint- agreed. and yup, i’m big on button pushing. thanks for luvin a make money blogger. :)

    forest- sometimes we need daily confirmation. i post more then 1% in paid post. so if you said 60 percent i would have been more then satisfied. :)

    jared- instead of the noob, i should have gone with the enzyte stiffy as my logo.


    I agree with Witchypoo. In every line of work you find good, bad and ugly people. It really is life. Certain industries tend to have a few more shady characters than others no doubt, but there are diamonds in every rough. Internet marketers are probably as close to the proverbial used car salesmen industry as any other. Yet, even here there are some diamonds. Working a business as well as obtaining a regular paycheck through administering a County Juvenile Department, I can attest to there being problems in nearly every walk of life. We can choose to focus on the cup being half empty or half full I suppose….In any event, being leery of certain promises etc….is probably good advice, but wholeheartedly denying the existence of anyone in this business and marketing field as being above board and without biases goes a little too far for me….Peace…….T

  8. the noob Post author

    onequartlow- well said. bravo. i tend to hold strong positions and when doing that, i tend to go black or white, but you are right, the world is all gray. my point tho is that you should always be careful and find info for yourself. try things out yourself before you make a judgement. this will protect you from scams or wasting time on projects that don’t yield you any fruit.


    I do concur with that point. I’ve been saying that for years in my off line AMSOIL business. I let the product speak for itself. I don’t need or want to for that matter and I always encourage would be customers to do their own research. Absolutely agree with that!!


  10. Brian Morgan

    Well, so true. I really would like to see the Internet develop a Social Community in which they list websites and authors that are legitimate – rankings from random Internet Users is just as bad also, you really need to research the “experts” find their portals/sites/blogs and see “who” they refer others to for advice, articles, information. Brian

  11. the noob Post author

    brian- what do you mean by legitimate? i think it would be hard to set up something online that has true reliable info. people online are always finding ways to hack the system. that’s part of the fun and skill of internet marketing and seo. i guess the only way to find the good info is to keep looking for it.

  12. Wendy

    I for one do not make money with my blog.

    With that simple statement though I do have an online busines which is in no way dishonest.

    WE all need to be wary of what’s out there and what is being offered.

    Ummm I don’t really need a bigger you know what LOL

  13. Louis Liem

    i say don’t be the first to try a new product! especially if it costs you a fortune. let some other unlucky dudes do it :)

    btw, how do i subscribe to comments?

  14. Arnold Brana

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