An hour and it’s Christmas Eve

iphone.jpgMerry Christmas!!! It’s gonna be Christmas eve soon and i wanted to get a post in. I’m not a very patient person so i already opened the present i got from my future wife. Turns out that we both got each other iphones. Crazy right.

I can’t wait to play with it and load up some movies and mp3. I looked around the net to see how much i could get for my blackberry and was disappointed by the price offers. I guess i’ll just keep my blackberry for my other line.

Since it’s going to be Christmas, i wanted to offer a little something to my readers. I mentioned before that i want to get my RSS subscription up and i wanted to try a few contests. I used to have a small retail/internet business that sold mp3 players and other electronic devices. I still have some display mp3 players in my house and i wanted to give them away for the competition. I won’t be needing them now that i have an iphone. Also, no use just leaving them in my storage box either. I better give them away before they become obsolete.

mp3.jpgI will give out the first in 2 days. So on Dec 26th, the day after Christmas i will choose my first winner. I’ll be giving away a Sansa, 1 gb mp3 player. These are all new mp3 players. Just been used as a display in my shop. If you don’t have an mp3 player, here’s your chance to win one. I will run several contests in the coming weeks so keep a look out. My blog is a small blog so i figure that your chances of winning will be pretty good. Last time i did a contest, only like 8 people entered. So by that estimate you have like 12.5% chance of winning.

All you have to do is subscribe to my RSS via email or reader. I’ll go by the honor system so i won’t require you to send me proof. Just your word will do. Leave me a comment and your word that you subscribed to bloggernoob dot com and you are entered. Simple right? Good luck and subscribe here.

33 thoughts on “An hour and it’s Christmas Eve

  1. ShadowKnight

    Added and am impressed with your generosity. My complements of the season to you and I am a little jealous that you gave the iPhone, a device not available in Australia at present.

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  5. Julie

    I subscribed yesterday. You have a wealth of information on your blog that I’ve enjoyed reading. I discovered you via Entrecard. In fact, your widget will be featured on my blog 12/26. I’m fairly new in the blogging world and don’t have a lot of readers yet, but hopefully you’ll get a wee bit more traffic tomorrow :) Thanks for the contest!

  6. David

    You the man blogger noob, I’ve been reading for about a week now. I caught your site from one of the SitePoint discussion threads. Keep up the good work and keep making money.

  7. bloggernoob

    Thanks everyone for entering this contest. I was very pleased by the response and honesty of my readers. It was fun holding it and i will be holding more contests for bigger prizes so keep an eye out. The winner is Ryan from blogging4everyone. I randomly selected a winner from a deck of cards. hopefully you guys will visit this blog again from time to time.

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