And the Make Money Online winner is…

make money online jessica alba awardGuys, contests are cool. It really is a great way to reward your loyal readers. It’s fun and creates a lot of noise. Contests help you gain more readers and while most will never return, a few will become regular readers. I think that’s how the internet works. You go out and market on the internet in hopes of attracting hundred or even thousands of visitors. Out of those visits, only a few will return. But you still do it for those few that return. Making money online is like gardening on tough soil. You plant a lot of seeds and you spend time watering and etc. After the seasons pass, you’ll be lucky and grateful if a few vegetables sprout out of the ground. Anyway, you don’t don’t want to read up stupid analogies do you? Without further ado, let me announce the winner of the MarketLeverage ipod nano. Drum roll please.

The winner of the market leverage ipod nano is none other then ChiQ Montes. To claim your prize, email from the email that you subscribed to my RSS feed with. I will verify the subscription and notify Debby at Market Leverage to ship you the ipod nano. Thanks to all who participated in this contest. Check the comments in the original contest post to see if you won a free domain. Some of you still haven’t claimed your domain prize yet.

If you didn’t win anything this time around, don’t worry, i run contests all the time. You’ll get yours soon enough. There’s still a free domain up for grabs. Enter that if you haven’t already. Who know, you might win that one. Compared to this contest, not a lot of people entered so you have greater chance of winning.

17 thoughts on “And the Make Money Online winner is…

  1. Jared Stenzel

    $5.00 this iPod comes with a podcast of some sort with Debby talking to you. By the way noob, did I tell you that on my video camera she said congrats on winning bloggernoobies contest? She got your domain wrong :p

  2. ChiQ Montes

    Yey noob!! I’m really happy!!! 😀 I’m going to email you and ill surely make a post about this coz it’s the first time i’ve won anything online, lol! 😀 you rock noob!! see you around :)

  3. the noob Post author

    jared- now that super marketing! she didn’t get my domain wrong, she just likes calling me that. that’s my petname.

    m dinesh- keep entering my contests dinesh. you’ll get yours soon enough. 😉

    ChiQ- congrats! i’ll look for the email. yeah yeah, im going to need your address. put all that info in the email and i’ll forward it to debby at ML. im glad i was the first to make you win something online. Isn’t it great! make money online, win free shit online! gotta love it! 😉

    shawie- yup yup. next time it could be you. 😉 let’s hope that my blog doesn’t get too popular, so the percentage is still winable. Heck, if my blog does get popular. i’ll give out even more prizes so maybe it’ll even out. 😉

  4. m.dinesh

    As long as you produce good content and reply to comments, I will be your reader.

    You and 2 more(other bloggers) people are the only ones that give reply to the comments they receive.

  5. the noob Post author

    chiq- i forwarded your address and info to debby at marketleverage and sent you an email as well. congrats again on the win. let me know when you receive it and have the picture up. 😉

    danandmarsh- free is always awesome!

    m dinesh- thanks. who are the two other bloggers? only two others? that sucks. i thought most bloggers replied.

    solreka- jessica alba yummy? i believe her middle name is yummy. alba is her last name solreka. it’s jessica yummy alba. she’s cool, too bad she can’t act. If she could, i’d put her up with natalie, scarlet, and keira.

  6. SolReka

    I meant Jessica Alba is yummy. She rocks my boat.

    Apologies for the bad grammar.

    I don;t mind the fact that she can’t act, she’s great eye candy.

    It looks like you have good taste in female actresses.

    Talking of which did you see Helen Mirran in a bikini the other week – another yummy mummy :-)

    Anyways I’m digressing somewhat from your OP, apologies

  7. the noob Post author

    solreka- haha, i know what you mean. and ur right. she is something to look at. ur joking about helen mirran right?

    chorva- friends of chiq? 😉

  8. Wendy

    Noob I know I won a domain but feel free to give it away to someone else.

    Busy with the ones I have already and another would send me over the deep end LOL

    Congrats to ChiQ for the win. Way to go.

    M dinesh: You and 2 more(other bloggers) people are the only ones that give reply to the comments they receive.

    I also reply to comments posted on my blog if you wish to pop by.

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