Anonymity helps create professionalism

who.jpgThe beautiful thing about the internet is that most things stand anonymous. You can create new personas and alter egos on your myspace page or choose to chat with someone and tell them you’re a hottie. Who’s to know the truth?

This comes in handy for new business owners. You can present a sense of professionalism even if you’re a complete newbie. That’s why i didn’t put my picture or my real name on this website. I can pretend to be whatever i want. I find that a lot of make money bloggers post real pictures of themselves on their site. Some wear suits and even strike a pose. I kinda laugh cause it seems rather funny. I would understand if the blogger was an attractive person. But most are borderline fugly. I guess they were copying their heros. (johnchow, shoemoney, problogger)

I believe that the less you know about something, the more curious you’ll get. I’m still curious about the identity of Kumiko from cashquests. Is she hot? Is she fat? Is she old? Is she a he?

Pasting your mug on your blog can be counter productive for noob bloggers. What if i don’t like the way you look? What if you look silly in your suit? I’ve never seen your face before, why should i listen to you? These are questions to consider if you’re thinking about revealing your offline identity online.

6 thoughts on “Anonymity helps create professionalism

  1. ryan

    I don’t try to plaster my face online. I don’t like the idea of everyone knowning what I look like. My name is out there, but more easy to find than my picture. I think bloggers shouldn’t create false identities though. I am on your blog to read your opinions. Not some false identities opinion.

  2. Justin Dupre

    Wait, wait, wait, wait. Doesn’t everyone, everywhere say: Be yourself.

    You are telling your readers to hide who they really are? Being yourself isn’t good enough? You are ugly, which means your content is just as ugly? No. I want to know the real person I am reading from. Who cares if they are hideous. If you are looking at a blog, you shouldn’t be looking at it for the pictures.

    In fact, using your picture, especially where you are “being yourself”, makes your blog more personable. I see a real person is writing this. Not a cartoon, and not just a keyboard.

    I’ll post more about this on my blog.

    Justin Dupre

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  4. the noob Post author

    ryan- i didn’t mean create false identities. i mentioned it to make a point. And even if someone creates an alter ego, what the harm. Still same content.

    justindupre- hmm. one can argue that your alter ego is your self. At least that’s what freud and jung said. I’m not saying hide your true idendity, but rather, saying it’s ok not to reveal who the offline you is online. i guess you didn’t like the image of the bag on the guy’s head. my point is that your picture doesn’t reveal the true u or represent your blog.

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