Any and Every blog can be monetized.

donkey.jpgIt doesn’t matter if you blog is about puppies, puzzles, or pilgrims. If you have a blog, you can monetize it. Payperpost and other paid posting sites are a great way, but if you don’t want to risk your google PR, you can always find an affiliate for you weblog. CJ is the largest affiliate website, but there are dozens of other programs out there. I guarantee that you can find a product or service that people will want to check out.

I bought a bunch of domains for all sorts of sites. I started this make money blog because i didn’t really know anything about making money. I didn’t expect this blog to perform this well. I figured it would be a cool domain and a fun way to document my learning process. I know realize that the make money niche is a highly competitive niche. If i knew back then what i know now, this blog wouldn’t be the first one i started.

I have credit card domains and hosting domains. I worked on it for a few hours but haven’t really focused on those sites. I will continue to develop those sites, but i think it would be easier to set up sites that are less competitive. Sites with a super specific niche. I should start a blog about making money with donkeys and call it donkeymoney dot com. Any and every blog can be monetized.

I think one of the key’s to a successful site depends on how specific the niche is. Instead of a make money blog, a more focused make money blog for dummies probably works better. Good thing that’s the niche i picked. At least my noobism separates me from other make money blogs. I will redesign my theme in a few months to highlight that motif.

I have a celebrity site that I’m developing and the specific niche is celebrities that look manish. I figure that there are a million celebrity sites so i need to make mine a little different. It’s important to have your own unique theme. I can still blog about general celebrity gossip but every once in a while i have to put up a picture of a Hollywood starlet that looks a bit manish. It’s not that different but enough to separate from other generic celebrity gossip sites. With that site, i plan on monetizing dating and film related affiliates. Adsense works pretty well with these type of sites. Just figure out who the readers are.

The best way to figure out your make money strategy is to check up on other blogs in your niche. Seek blogs in your niche that actually make money. For the celebrity site, i check how perezhilton monetizes his site. Check each and every affiliate link on the site. Figure out the layout and positioning of those ads. These blogs are making the big bucks, so it’s good to learn from them. Don’t just try to copy a certain site. You still have to make it unique and put your own spin on it.

6 thoughts on “Any and Every blog can be monetized.

  1. kab625

    Well, you’re right. Originality and finding a good niche are key. Your article is simply written and pretty easy for those of us who know squat about marketing to understand. Thanks for the post.

  2. Forest Parks

    I will be following your progress.

    I have just purchased a bunch of domains and may start to monetise some of them if I think it is worthwhile.

    I am enjoying this new online thing in my life but it is consuming!

  3. Mel

    If I had a dime for every blog I’ve setup, I wouldn’t need to set up a blog to make money – I’m only on my second try at this monetizing thing, I’ve NEVER been able to last more than a week with a blog, NEVER … I started in the money making niche, with much the same noob idea as yourself, that lasted a good part of a week. I noticed all my post went toward, ‘money is good, but it’s not the only thing’ I was and still am clueless about making money and just felt that I had nothing to share that hadn’t been shared before- Sooo, I sat down and thought about it, what could sustain me, even during the time I was clueless in trying to monetize a site and no one was reading the darn thing anyway ?… Could I achieve other goals in my life, while achieving the money making goal …?
    So I came up with my latest creation about a week ago, I’m still fiddlin’ with the layout and plan to start posting as well as adding maybe one income stream next week – So I’m in the self growth and improvement niche, also a huge niche, but hopefully I have a format that will set me apart from the rest –

    It’s tough to get over the tedium of the process of setting things up and getting traffic, once you do that, you’re going to make money no matter what, just as you said…I’m just tired of people laughing at me and saying I’m wasting my time, trying to make money this way…


  4. the noob Post author

    debohobo- no worries debo

    wynncurrie- aww thanks. i’m just a noob trying to get a nut.

    kab625- you’re welcome kab. simple and easy to understand articles…that’s what i’m going for.

    forestparks- takes a lot of time in the beginning. but it’s fun as hell

    mel- sorry to hear of your internet troubles. it can get rough in the beginning but i think if you get over the initial hurdle you will be fine. give it a couple of months and i think you’ll start to see something. Don’t care about what other people think. just set a goal and focus on it. hopefully you can fall and get back up and have the last laugh.

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