Any idiot can make money by blogging

idiotblogger.jpgI don’t want to dog myself, but i got a commitment to the truth. I’m an idiot. I’m not very smart, and i not a very good worker. I don’t learn thing quickly, and i don’t even speak english that good. I can’t spell, and i’m terrible in bed. (huh, what’s being good in bed got to do with anything?) Everything!

I guess that’s why i started this blog. Bloggernoob dot com was created because i read a few make money online blogs and thought to myself, “if these idiots can make a few bucks online, so can i.” I want you guys to remind yourself and your readers of this fact. Making money with your blog is super easy. It doesn’t require mensa certification. All you need to do is post frequently and get other people to visit your blog. Not very difficult at all.

I may no longer be a complete noob. I’ve learned a few things during my 6 months as a blogger. I’ll be the first to admit that i’m no expert. The guys that say they are, are scammers. Watch out for those so called “authority blogs” cause it’s all bullshit. I think honestly is the best policy. When you’re not certain, don’t be afraid to say so. My blog is catered to other blogger newbs. It’s for people who want to take a shot at blogging for money.

I think my gimmick works because most people are idiots. Most people are noobs. People don’t want to be intimidated when they start something new. When newbies visit “professional blogs” they might feel unqualified to start their own blog. But when web surfers visit my blog, they’ll probably think they could do better then me. I think projecting this image and vibe encourages your readers to set up their own blogs. If a newbie see’s that i made over 7 thousand dollars in 6 months, they’ll want to do what i’m doing. They probably keep visiting my blog just to see how i did it.

Look at the success of the “idiots guide” book series. The dummies guide to whatever. Whatever you blog about, make sure that you write posts that even an idiot could understand. Don’t close off your blog to these people. Noob’s will help you make money by signing up for programs under you. And if you teach them something new, they’ll become a regular reader.

12 thoughts on “Any idiot can make money by blogging

  1. Juha Ylitalo

    While I admit that ‘make money blog’ is heavily competed area, I would love to see someone to make 7k USD (or even 4k EUR) in 6 months with photoblog which text part is something else than english (and if we want to eliminate good alternatives, lets remove french, spanish and chinese from list).
    So even if one can make nice amount of money with manageable amount of blogs, it still requires lot of work and little bit luck, when you are trying to select niche for your blog(s).

  2. BillyWarhol

    Oh Lordyy Lordy!!

    That is Alicia + I’m Buyin’ one o those when I make it Rich Blogging!!


    EntreCard RED HOT DROPPING!!******


    EVERY BLOGGER in the UNIVERSE will receive a $$$ TRILLION DOLLARS!!


    Cheers Everybody!! Billy ;)) Peace*

  3. Jared Stenzel

    It takes an idiot to be successful. I mean really, no offense to my favorite blogger, but you keep reposting this same idea, yet everybody continues to read it. That’s basically the make money niche for you right there.

  4. JJ

    I should be writing my own article, so why am I here reading yours? LOL because you give me encouragement and that’s just what this beginner (idiot) needed. Thanks

  5. coco

    OK, noob, I know no one needs to be a member of MENSA to run a blog, but your writing is pure genius!! (and don’t sell yourself too short… I bet you’re good in bed!! LOL)

  6. the noob Post author

    barry- thanks barry

    juha ylitalo- i have to decline your challenge, i recently bought a canon xti, and i have a photoblog, but i don’t expect that sucker to make much money. i do that for fun. but don’t think i don’t monetize it. i make a little here and there with that blog. i agree, you gotta get lucky to make money blogging.

    garg the unzola- yup, that is “as if” alicia. whatever happened to her?

    billywarhol- don’t think alicia is for sale. billy, if i didn’t know you, i would mistake your comment as spam. too many symbols and cap letters bro. 😉

    jared stenzel- moi, your favorite blogger, wow, u should higher your expectations. 😉 yeah, i said it before and i’ll say it again, you gotta keep repeating shit in this genre. why? cause it’s so simple. like my post implies, idiots blog about making money online, and idiots keep on reading the same shit about blogging for money. :)

    the masked millionaire- las vegas eh, hope you didn’t invest in real estate there. 😉

    jj- congrats on your new blog btw, email me how much you paid for the blog. 😉

    coco- aww, thanks coco. is that your real name? my first lust was named coco. 😉 sorry to disappoint you, but i’m really bad in bed. like i said, i like to be honest here on my blog.

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