Are you Cheap?

natalie-portman.jpgEver use a coupon on a date? Ever buy a Christmas present on Dec. 26th. Ever regift a gift?

Or are you frugal? Shop at Marshalls, TJ max, or Nordstroms Rack? Eat a lot of ramen? Pack your lunch? Only buy sale items.

Or are you stupid. Pay full price?

We are living in the internet age. The internet is bigger then landing on the moon. It gives us instant communication and most importantly, free porn. Shopping and making money has changed cause of the internet. You don’t ever have to pay full price. There’s always a deal somewhere. I’m cheap and frugal, but not stupid. I use fatwallet and dealnews for deals. You guys know of any other cool deal sites?

My wife to be has some issues about my cheapness, but i calm her down by teller her that I’m doing this for our future children. Every time we go into the Apple store, or Louis Vuitton, i remind her of the children. I’m saving money and building up my businesses so i don’t have to be cheap in the future. But, i’ll always be frugal. The moral of the story is, it’s ok to be cheap and frugal with your blog. Don’t be stupid. Don’t over pay for links or reviews, (cough johnchow). Don’t fall victim to internet scammers. Do research for deals online. Do read reviews of services and sites. Do Subscribe to BloggerNoob dot com.

What does the Natalie Portman picture have to do with this post? Nothing…I just really like her on top of grass.

4 thoughts on “Are you Cheap?

  1. the noob Post author

    elaine- hey elaine, i saw some of your pictures, you’re a bonafide hottie. may i use one of your pics for my next hot bloggers posts?

    tom hanna- amen brother.

  2. kkusnier

    Yes she is nice looking. What wonders the photoshot touch ups could do .. (sorry.. bitter ugly woman talking)
    I am cheap.. even to the point where i will not buy anything if i cannot make it. If i need a new shirt, i reconstruct old ones.. if i want something to decorate with then i use what i have in storage and revamp it for .50 cents.
    I have a set budget for groceries.. 150$ a week for a family of 4 and this includes, diapers, formula, toiletries and other household products needed not to mention food too.
    Yup i am cheap but i am a home maker and have to make being cheap my job because heaven forbid that this society let anyone live on one income so we can bring up our children with a person to watch them 24 hours a day to keep them out of trouble and in line with their education …

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