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scrapper.jpgThis post is for all of those article scrappers. When your blog start growing, you’ll start noticing that your posts are being scrapped. Some webmasters have installed script for their blog or websites to steal your content. The script just takes your article and inserts it onto their blog. This is stealing. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about this. I’ve reported and complained to a lot of the hosting companies and etc, but still another little site comes around and scraps my shit. I will demonstrate how many of these so called scrapers there are by not spamming the linkbacks. Look in the comments below and you’ll notice these scrappers. They don’t even mix around my content to try to pass it off as their own. They just take the whole article. At least i get a link. It’s annoying tho cause they change the author names around. It’ll say something like “pedro wrote this”. Anyway, for this post only, i will de-spam these scrapper posts so you can see how many and who these scrappers are. Even tho my blog is a small traffic blog, i still get like 4 or 5 scrappers per post.

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  2. menopauseprincess

    I’ve had this happen to me 3-4 times Noob and it IS maddening.

    Of course now that Google has slapped me down to a PR 0 it probably won’t happen as much. (Of course, neither will my paid postings :(

  3. Sarah

    You don’t have to be big to have it done to you. I’ve been having it done to me since I started the blog. It depends on the tags and search words you use.

  4. Tim

    Yeah I get this too. Seems that most of the time for me, they just take an excerpt, and they link back to me so I don’t really care.

    The big problem though is that since I have pingbacks that are auto approved, it can sometimes take me time to unpublish them. That means if they are considered a “bad neighborhood” site, and a search engine spiders me before I can get rid of the crap pingback, I could get penalized :S

    Not cool.

  5. the noob Post author

    one scrapper so far. there should be 2 or three more by tomorrow.

    menopauseprincess- sorry to hear of your pr. google blows. too bad they are king

    sarah- good point sarah. it’s the tags and search words.

    tim- sometimes you can use the scrappers to your advantage. i think my technorati has gone up a few more points cause of them scrappers. maybe you shuold use akismet

  6. the noob Post author

    menopauseprincess- it’s ok, PR is overrated. you still have a nice blog. now you should monetize the hell out of your blog. do alot of paid posting and make a few bucks. at least you don’t have to worry about pr anymore. look on the bright side :)

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  8. Jackie

    Ew I just got scraped tonight…B*****ds. I was always wondering what that was…till I put two and two together…ugh irritating…

  9. the noob Post author

    jackie- it’s annoying but doesn’t stress. if you want you could try to notify the the scraper’s host. but best thing is to just ignore it.

  10. JustChris

    Some monetizing communities actually encourage this scraping business instead of sticking to white-hat ways to make money. It may be effective if you do it right, but it’s just gonna confuse the noobs on the ethics.

  11. witchypoo

    Just Chris: What is confusing about the ethics of stealing someone else’s original material? And I agree with Sarah, it’s the tags. Today’s post was entitled “Brush with Celebrity” and it got scraped immediately.

  12. JustChris

    Witchypoo…anyone with common sense would know it’s not right, but when noobs are being told by some people that it’s ok to make money with scraping sites, they sometimes don’t bother questioning it because it comes from a supposed “marketing pro”.

  13. DIY Lawn Tips

    I get the scrapers too, but at least most of them are lawn scrapers. IOW–they scrape my content because it relates to theirs.
    I figured they did it as a way to age a domain because most of them have pretty good URLs.
    I kinda like getting the links myself.

  14. Jared Stenzel

    Just start putting links to your blog in your posts, and hey free back links. It must be frustrating but what can you do. It would be pretty expensive for what you would get out of suing them.

  15. the noob Post author

    justchris- there are so many unethical ways to make money online, it’s crazy. i for one don’t think you can make much with a scrapper site. but who knows. all i know is. i can’t judge them. only god can judge.

    witchypoo- i understand your frustrations about these stealers. but seriously, not a lot can be done. in my opinion, it’s not worth the time or energy to track and report these sites. another will spring out. if the site was making a lot of money, it might be worth it to take legal action. but we’re talking pennies.

    justchris- i understand your point and witchypoo’s. i could go either way. :) stealing is very tricky on the net. everyone has downloaded an mp3 file. that’s stealing. everyone has used a photo that they found on the web. that’s stealing too. very hard to police and very hard not to bend the rules if you’re a little web guy

    al- yeah i don’t mind the links either. at least getting something out of it

    jared- yeah, i deal with lawyers all the time. i can honestly say that most of them are no better then scrappers. making money off of people who do real work. but don’t get me started.

  16. ccRicers

    Hey, it’s JustChris. I just changed my nickname. I can see what you mean Noob. The best way to say it is “I’ve done this in the past, but I learned that it’s not a good idea”.

    Some scraper sites are successful but it’s mostly a matter of not getting caught. Most big sites will insta-ban once they see your constant pings from your blog.

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