Ass kisser of the week part 2

asskisser1.jpgI couldn’t sleep so i did some sitepoint marketplace surfing and found my ass kisser of the week. Bloggingexperiment dot com is a big time chow and ron jeremy groupie. This guy can be seen regularly on chow’s blog kissing his arse. Turns out that he’s selling his blog for around 6k. I guess make money blogging isn’t as lucrative as it once was. I remember cashquests dot com sold for 15k, with less monthly income. The owner of bloggingexperiment once dogged me cause of my domain name.

Another one bites the dust. The smart money will see a trend here. Make money blogs are a time consuming, no money making venture. Bloggingexperiment has one thing going for it. It’s on the front page of google for search term, “make money blogging.” Other then that, i think it’s a bad buy. The auction states that the income is 1650/month, but i doubt that will continue. Most of the income is from wordpress theme sales. And the blogger got those sales cause he kissed chow’s ass. He actually bought an ad for $250 on chow’s blog. I guess he got sick of smooching the bum bum. His wordpress themes won’t continue to sell. That means that his monthly income will drop to way under 1k/ month.

When a fellow make money blogger calls it quits, i should be rejoicing cause it means less competition, but i’m not. It’s bad news for my blog. It means that this niche is starting to fall apart. This blog has 900 plus RSS subscribers. It supposedly gets 15k-20k uniques a month. Compare that with last weeks ass kisser, winningtheweb dot com. I think winningtheweb spent more money promoting his blog, then the selling price of bloggingexperiment. The owner of winningtheweb should stop spending money on johnchow ads and just buy bloggingexperiment. Instead of spending money on that upgraded sitepoint auction, bloggingexperiment should hit up winningtheweb. You know he’s the paying type. That’s free advice ass kissers.

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