Ass kisser of the week

asskisser.jpgI’m going to start a new segment on my blog. I’ve been seeing more and more ass kissers on the net lately. Bloggers who seem to do one thing really well, Kiss Ass. So i figured i’d showcase these kissers of arse to yall. Hopefully i can anger some of these nerds. I must be careful tho…don’t want to get beat down by these dorks. They might throw down their pocket protectors.

I joke! Shit, im a dork too. But these ass kissers are probably dorkier.

Kissing ass is something i’m not very good at. I wish i was, cause it would probably help me get more traffic. But i wouldn’t wouldn’t be able to live with myself to sell out so badly. It wouldn’t be fun either. I’m not going to feature any random ass kisser. I’m going to list only the good ones. The Tiger Woods of ass kissing. The Michael Jordans of the make money blogosphere. The few, the proud, the dorks.

Today i wanted to go with winningtheweb. The blogger is doing a great job with his blog. He’s like a protege of johnchow and shoemoney put together. He’s brown nosing like theres no tomorrow. He’s spending a lot of money too. Can’t be a real ass kisser without paying off these major bloggers. But in return, he gets his blog promoted on some major blogs. His RSS is climbing fast and so is his traffic. He’s running a super duper contest right now and getting a lot of support from the so called A listers.

If part of your marketing strategy is ass kissing, you should do what winningtheweb does. Look to invest a lot of money into your blog. Buy ads on A list blogs. Then brown nose to get some free links from those sites. Go to conventions. Kiss some more ass there.(i meant network) And then watch your blog grow. Wash your nose when your done.

20 thoughts on “Ass kisser of the week

  1. B Carter

    You’ll get more readers without ass kissing. Readers can sense a person that kisses ass and one that is genuine.

    You are definitely genuine. I look forward to reading your blog every day.

    I guess I look like an ass kisser now. Oh well.

  2. the noob Post author

    steve- thanks

    funked- i’m glad u enjoyed my rant. i like reading peoples rants. most entertaining.

    jackie- kissing arse is good for growing a blog. i don’t do it, but i know most people do. i would do it if i was good at it. but i wasn’t blessed with this gift. my inabilty to effectively arse kiss explains why my blog isn’t growing. 😉

    nitro- lots of butter

    haney- you won’t have any trouble finding them. i’d say 85% of all make money blogs are ass kissing blogs.

    funked- maybe, i would but don’t want to bother.

    jay- i like to save my links for blogs that i like. or if i get paid for the link. :)

    shanker- it’s actually a good move as far as traffic. He spent a lot of money advertising on the big blogs. he’s the perfect blogging customer.

    b carter- i have to disagree with you here. i try not to arse kiss, and i’m having trouble getting readers. but these ass kissers seem to have a lot more then i do. u don’t look like an ass kisser. ass kisser won’t waste time on my humble blog. if i see you on johnchow, you’re an ass kisser. 😉

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  5. Simonne

    I don’t know how things go with ass-kissing, but I suppose there are asses which are more prone to get kissed than others. I still can’t explain to myself what attracts an ass kisser to comment on some blogs while ignoring some others.

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