Back in Cali

cali.jpgI’m in Cali again. The weather is perfect. Just in time too, cause Chicago is gonna get real cold this weekend. Anyway, i had to come here to make some wedding plans. Kinda scary and weird that i’m getting married. It’s one of the biggest steps life has to offer. When i was younger I imagined that i would be a millionaire before i got married. I do own properties that are worth millions, but i wouldn’t consider myself a millionaire. I have way too many loans. I thought i’d have a million in the bank, not owe a million to the bank. Anyway, my life hasn’t turned out the way it planned, but i don’t mind. My visions of financial success is still there. I now have a partner. Doing things alone can be simple and clean. No messy arguments or conflict of interests between partners. But now that i have someone who i completely trust, we can work together to reach our financial goals together.

This isn’t just about marriage. Business relationships are vital to your success. Meeting the right or wrong person can mean the different between success and failure. Blogging hasn’t yet developed into a raging economy but it’s rising. Get in on the action and start making some key relationships. Giant blogs like gawker, gizmodo, engadget sell for millions. Even useless make money blogs make 6 figures a year. You can make 5 figures with a few of your blog so long as you develop them and work hard on them.

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