Back in Chicago it’s cold

coldchi.jpgI’ve been away for only 3 days but i guess i got used to the sunny weather in LA. It’s freezing. What’s the haps with BloggerNoob?

I recently received noticed from Smorty for more job opportunities so that’s pretty good news. I’ve been consistently getting Sponsoredreviews gigs as well. Payperpost constantly has at least one post for me per day. I figure even with these three paid posting sites, i could easily make around $20/day with this blog.

I’ve been focused on monetizing via paid posting with this site. Because it’s such a new site, my options are limited. I still think the best way to monetize a site is via affiliate links but in the beginning paid posting is the way to go.

I will be resubmitting to other paid posting site soon. I got rejected by a few smaller sites, but i figure that i might get accepted into the program cause of the new alexa update. I’ll let you guys know how it goes.

I started the $100 challenge late November but i haven’t been able to report on that. I’ve been kinda busy with other things but i will report my daily stats for that challenge.

2 thoughts on “Back in Chicago it’s cold

  1. Karl Erfurt

    This is an interesting update. I’ve never done paid posting before, but it just so happens that I applied to Smorty earlier tonight, which is why this post caught my attention. I’m still waiting to see if my site is approved.

    I have stayed away from Pay Per Post up to this point because of the negative stigma that many people have with them, plus the fact that Google seems to be penalizing the PPP bloggers and link sellers. But I noticed upon registration that Smorty apparently does not mandate disclosure of sponsored posts like PPP does, so maybe this will be a “safer” alternative.

  2. JustChris

    Considering my niche I assume there would be plenty of opps for me to use Pay Per Post, but selection is still kinda limited. Also, I didn’t know you lived in Chicago. Which part of town?

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