Back in Chitown

chicago.jpgI just got home and finished unpacking. It feels great to be back home and surprisingly it’s not that cold here. I was expecting snow everywhere but it’s all melted and the weather is rather nice. I guess i caught the perfect time for my return. LA was getting kinda hot. Anyway, it’s been crazy the past three weeks and i haven’t been able to post on this make money blog as often. Now that i’m back, i’ll be posting like crazy. Keep an eye out guys!

5 thoughts on “Back in Chitown

  1. Living on Adsense

    “Posting like crazy”

    I had read that daily multiple post turned off readers, so I decided to only have one post per day. I would love to write a lot of posts daily, but I have heard that people will unsubscribe if you fill up their RSS with too many posts.

    I guess this is directed at Noobs readers: What are your thoughts on multiple posts per day.

  2. the noob Post author

    chica- i thought people in idaho say ass not arse. 😉

    livingonadsense- i’ve read that too. but u know what…bloggernoob was able to grow cause of multiple daily posts. so i think it’s ok. and some of my readers have said that they like my multiple posts. gives them options from their reader. i think when ur growing a blog, multiple posts are greats. i think after a blog grows to medium size, u should cap the posts at around 3 a day.

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