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entrecard1.jpgI did it! Can i get an Amen. A hee haw? Anyway, guys, i’ve achieve my mini feat. Monday has been a great blogging day. I achieve my first 200 dollar day. I made $200 dollars today. I got close to 600 visits today with 1300 page views. And i got my make money blog back on entrecard’s most popular list. I took a screen shot for you Thomas like proof needers. It was easier then i expected. I thought it was going to come down to the wire, but i was able to do it with time to spare. Click the thumbnail above for screenshot.

Thank guys for cheering me on. Thanks for commenting and i’m sorry that i won’t be making any payouts. :) Next time!

How did i get on entrecard’s most popular list? It wasn’t very hard. I just saved up my credits and only bought ads from other most popular entrecard blogs. This gaurantees a good amount of clicks and drops. I also dropped off quite a few cards. Not 200-300 like most recommened, i only dropped off over an average of a hundred. I also promoted my blog with contests, tounaments, and competitions to get more people to my blog. Once then came, some of them dropped off their cards and click through.

I think entrecard is a fun and traffic giving site. It’s perfect for noobs. Only problem i see is that there is no limit to the number of card drops. I think they should implement a limit of sorts. Kinda not fair to the non entrecard fanatics. Graham, the owner of entrecard is one of the people i plan on interviewing so i’ll mention that during the interview.

Guys, blogging is easy. Just set little goals for youself and try to hit your mark. You keep doing that and your blog is bound to grow.

15 thoughts on “Back on entrecard popular list

  1. Mark

    Amen! Hee Haw! Congratulations. I’ll be clicking through your blog more often. I’ll be visiting and commenting on a regular basis. I only posted ads yesterday. Three people clicked on the ads and on my first day of posting I already earned 1.80 dollars. It’s a mere change, I know, but it sure feels good to know that I somehow made some money on my first day of posting ads. Wish you all the best and more power. Again, congratulations. Check your ad clicks, :)

  2. Walk Through Money Online Journal

    hmmm. how did you do that? I think I should attend Entrecard forum to learn more.

    I love entrecard because most of my traffic are coming from it. So where did you get $200. Is it from Google Adsense?.. Just curious.. I’ll try to visit you often.

  3. the noob Post author

    mark- congrats on your first earnings. even if the dollar amount isn’t large, it’s still amazing isn’t it? that you could make money online? thanks mark

    ben- yup you are. you’re quite the popular guy. :)

    walkthrough- it was pretty basic, drop cards, place ads on popular entrecard blog. i got the 200 from paid posting and private setup fees. thanks for stopping by and yeah, visit often :)

    glen- thanks glen, thanks for stopping by.

  4. Tim

    Awesome job, I knew you’d get up there fast 😛 Although checking now, you’ve fallen back off!

    Quick, drop more cards!!!!!!!!! LOL

  5. the noob Post author

    tim- thanks for the vote of confidence. haha yeah, i’ve fallen and i can’t get up. :) no more dropping, i think i’m feeling a bit carpe

  6. Jonathon

    Great job noob! I don’t know if I will get up to a $200 day anytime soon, but I did finally receive over 450 visits and 100 pageviews yesterday.

  7. the noob Post author

    jonathon- thanks mate. 450 visit and 100 pageviews? you probably mean 1000 pageviews, that’s awesome! monetize it right and keep that type of traffic up and you’ll be making a lot of money.

  8. the noob Post author

    billywarhol- thanks billy. i keep wanting to type andy. :) i still can’t believe that people make money online, it really is amazing. i’ve received checks and payments via paypal and i still can’t believe it.

    jonathon- yes you should! :) but seriously, i have a lot of advice that i can give you, but to be honest, not all of them will work for you. in fact, most will probably be a waste of time for you. Every body needs to find different ways to monetize their blogs. But i tell you this, if you have traffic, you WILL be able to make at least a few bucks with you blog. In my opinion, if your blog is around 6 months old, and you get around 300 uniques a day, you should be making at least 300 bucks a month with that blog.

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