Banned from johnchow dot com

bloggernoobcomment.jpgI wasn’t exactly banned from his blog, but i did get my hard earned comment link removed by him. I tried to write useful comments and i feel like i left relevant remarks on his posts. I worked my way to second place with 28 comments and was featured on the front page of johnchow dot com. The link to my site remained there until two days ago. Thats when he removed it. I noticed that other people spam his comments section to get on his top commentators list. I made sure that my comments weren’t spam. Would i do this again? No it’s probably a waste of time. Thanks johnchow dot com for the warm thanksgiving treat.

18 thoughts on “Banned from johnchow dot com

  1. the noob Post author

    tremium-i think commenting is a valuable tool but trying to get top commentors list is probably a waste of time.

    steve-the property pundit says that john resets his commentators every week.

    lalitnagrath-i don’t know if john chow pow sucks but yeah i think i wasted my time. didn’t spend any money so lesson learned.

    property pundit-thanks for clearing up the beef. i still like johnchow.

  2. Internet Markting for Mommies

    I think that was a pretty interesting idea! Sorry it didn’t work out.

    I would suggest finding blogs more equal to your experience level and commenting there. You can begin to develop a good relationship with those blogs. Once you are friends with people they will do more for you than Chow ever could. :)

  3. Jeremy

    It’s true that you can earn more traffic by placing a comments, furthermore if you placed it from a much more bigger site.

    Do try again, mate..!! But not on John Chow.. :)

  4. the noob Post author

    jeremy-i now think it’s better to comment on smaller and medium blogs. give them the support.

    lisa t- yup

    rome-he just refreshes his comments every week or so.

    mobile notary review-don’t i know it.

    internet marketing for mommies-yeah i think thats true.

    propertypundit-so very true

  5. Adrian Keys

    Wow…if you had not pointed the spamming thing out I would not have picked it up. Some rather sharp bloggers out there (I guess if it brings you good tarffic, why not)

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