batman and robin of internet marketing

shoedave.jpgEvery one needs help. Setting up a business online or off are ventures that require skills sets of multiple people. If you have the help and support of another person or a group of people then you are setting the risk level of the investment as a minimum. Of course it cost money to hire people. How do you network to find help that you can afford or for free. The obvious place is within your circle or friends and family. If you need to reach out of that circle then you most likely have to pay some cash. Places like scriptlance offer links with programmers and coders. Only problem is that its hard to trust people especially if you are a noob or have a low budget. The best way is to start communicating with other bloggers. How is this done? Well its not a quick solution but you can start by building a reputation in forums and in other people’s comment logs. You can email other bloggers in a similar niche. Then maybe you can set up something like shoemoney and dillmack. Jeremey and Dave. Has a nice ring to it doesn’t it. Like Kibbles and Bits but different.

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