Beach bum makes $237,000

beachbum.jpgThe title ring a bell? Its a heavily rotated ad. You can see it on some major make money blogs. I followed the link and it took me to landing page where of course i have to purchase the secret ebook. I was doing some Azoogleads surfing and found the commission for it. $19 dollar commission is not bad but i don’t wanna sell secret ebooks. He must be making a lot of money though or how else can he afford to advertise on big name blogs.

john.jpgYou can see the ad on johnchow.

yaro.jpgAnd on Yaro’s blog.

13 thoughts on “Beach bum makes $237,000

  1. Nick

    Hey Noob,

    I think the advertising is put on the blogs by people who have bought the e-book and are then advertising affiliate links to redirect people to purchase the e-book (tiering system). If you take a look at Yaro’s post on this(do-you-understand-how-online-advertising-works), all will come clear.
    This guy will get a lot of money, but he isn’t paying out anymore advertising costs.

  2. corry

    LOL, that is not a pyramid scheme at all.

    Its actually called an affiliate program. you know, “affiliate”…one of the best ways to “make money online”

  3. BloggerNoob

    seems like you’re selling the repackaged photocopied enveloping stuffing scheme. The guy makes money by getting people to pay to sign up. Then the guys under him do the same thing. If that isn’t a pyramid scheme, what is?

  4. Internet Marketing for Mommies

    Noob, You are too funny. You are kidding right? Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to market your product or service. I haven’t heard too much about the reverse funnel system this ad leads you to, but if you go to there is an entire database of products YOU can promote as an affiliate and make a bit of money. Instead of paying for advertising these people are paying their affiliates a portion of the profits to promote the product. They basically are redirecting their advertising budget to word of mouth advertising which is much more effective in the Web 2.0 day and age. :)

  5. bloggernoob

    im a fan of aff marketing. most of my income is via cj. my rant was against this type of product. It’s not a real product. It teaches you to sell something that is worthless. an ebook that teaches you how to sell ebooks? this program only works for the top few guys. do you know anyone who made money off of this program. i challenge anyone to find someone who made money off of this besides the beachbum. i mean real money like his ad or even 10% of what the beachbum made. also i wrote a post called reverse funnel cake system you guys should check it out.

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